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How to effectively use rugs in your home

For centuries, rugs have adorned homes around the world, no matter the size, the location or the materials and, today, still form a fundamental part of the home décor category. When planning the décor of your room, one seldom stops and thinks why we place rugs the way we do, but chatting the team from Dial A Rug, it has become very clear to us that one should be taking more time to plan as to the location of rugs in the home, and what it can do for the space as a whole.
How to effectively use rugs in your home

Just like you would plan your perfect outfit, right down to your shoes, handbag and accessories to ensure a polished look, so should such consideration be given to the placement of rugs in our homes. There are of course many reasons why we use rugs in our home, and here are some tips from the Dial A Rug Team.

A visual welcome 

From the moment you, or a guest, arrives at your home, the space should be welcoming and warm, yet this seems to be an area that most people neglect in their homes, as they try to draw the eye into other, better decorated rooms. If you think about it, most entryways are tiled or wooden, and by simply adding a rug to your hallway, you’ll be able to create a more grand and inviting reception area, and set the tone for the rest of the home. Whether you choose a neutral runner, or something with a bold and funky pattern, you create the visual journey from your first step.

Demarcating a zone

The current home trend, of open-plan living, has removed previously demarcated areas, and can create a scenario where your décor seems less planned and more haphazard than you intended, and this is where rug placement can be the lifesaver. Adding a rug to an area will aid in showing that area as one zone in your home, and without boxy walls, can create the desired living room or dining room node. The rug placement will also assist in absorbing sound, which in an open plan area can become quite loud.

Creating a feature

You don’t have to have an expensive Persian rug in your home to create a feature area. A simple round rug in a reading zone or a decorative rug in your living room area that is bolder than the rest of your palette choice can go a long way to creating a feature in your room. This also applies to outdoor areas, where a bold, pattern rug can transform a boring area into a more vibey space that you’ll want to use more often. Layering different rugs can also create a great feature in your home, but just be careful not to create a tripping hazard.

Connecting your décor

Perhaps the most practical reason we all bring rugs into our homes, is to complete our desired décor aesthetic. Through strategic placement, you effectively frame a room, by creating a feature or pulling the various décor elements you have in the room together. Either way, it really doesn’t matter. The choice of style and design is really up to your own individual taste and desires for the final product.

Dial A Rug prides itself in having rugs for sale for every room in your home, and at prices that you can afford. Visit their website today and find the perfect rug at the perfect price.

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