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Quick Dating Guide for Your #CryptoLoveLife

It is that time of the year when everyone wants to fall in love and show their affection for their lovers! Specifically to all the "crypto" lovers out there, Binance has prepared a guide on how crypto lovers can properly treat their crypto, just like how they would treat their dates on Valentine's Day.

Getting to know them well

Just as one would dedicate the time to get to know their dates well, an adequate amount of time and effort should also be put into educating oneself before getting into crypto. Similar to how different people have unique characteristics and personalities, there are also many nuances to the crypto and blockchain industry. Before jumping headfirst into investing and trading, join 26 million other people and get free access to crypto and blockchain education through Binance Academy.

Last year, Binance Academy collaborated with more than 70 universities across 20 countries to boost educational outreach and improve crypto literacy. Binance believes that education is the best form of user protection and one of the main drivers of crypto adoption. Before deciding on your next crypto “relationship” to get involved in, remember to take the time to get to know them well!

Keeping them safe and secure

Caring for Valentine’s dates and having the desire to protect them from any harm is a natural part of relationship-building. Likewise, it is only rational to take practical measures to protect your crypto investments and to minimize associated risks. Once you have gained a comprehensive understanding on the fundamentals and foundations of blockchain and crypto, the next step is to figure out how to keep your crypto safe and secure.

One of the most important decisions to make is the method in which one stores digital assets. Along with the endless wallet options, there are many considerations and requirements that follow suit. A common wallet solution for many users is provided by centralized exchanges such as Binance, which offers a balance of convenience and security. However, self-custodial wallets have also been on the rise and could be a good solution for users who are more experienced in the industry. Ultimately, the final choice lies with the user’s preferences, sophistication level and circumstances – similar to how the responsibility falls upon yourself to keep your partner from harm’s way.

To find out more about the various types of wallet solutions available, read this article.

Adding a dash of fun

Keeping things fun and engaging is an integral part of the dating experience. Similarly, maintaining engagement and interest is also essential for growth within the crypto industry. The rate of mainstream crypto adoption continues to heighten as more companies and industry leaders look to increase crypto awareness and foster greater inclusivity. Without a doubt, the technology behind blockchain and the utility functions of crypto have immense potential to improve one’s quality of life across multiple aspects.

Other than offering products and solutions that serve as a bridge between crypto and fiat, Binance has also been collaborating with mainstream companies and extending blockchain inclusivity to the entertainment sectors. Collaborations with familiar industry names such as Bolt+, YG Entertainment and Khaby Lame not only boost the outreach of Web3 innovations and increase awareness to the mainstream, they also add a dash of fun into the world of crypto.

14 Feb 2023 13:42