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#BeautifulNews: Empowerment is as simple as learning to ride a bike
Lebogang Mokwena only learnt to ride a bicycle at the age of 30. When she did, it changed her life. Her newfound skills opened up a world of freedom and accessibility. But many miss out on the chance, having never owned a bicycle. “Not everyone’s childhood is the same,” Mokwena says. So she’s made it her mission to level the playing field by offering mobility to others. It all begins with teaching people how to ride. Read Lebogang Mokwena's full story...
30 Apr 2019 13:33
#BeautifulNews: It’s time to own your place at the table
See those stylish images on social media? They don’t portray the diversity of this world. As a fashion photographer, Justin Dingwall recognised a lack of inclusivity. But he had the power to take action. “I believe I have responsibility to change conversations,” Dingwall says. So he began teaming up with people who don’t fit the standard, people with stories to tell. His collaborations allow a person’s individuality to inform aesthetics. The result is a deconstruction not just of perceptions, but societal beliefs. Dingwall seeks to bring deliberately ignored topics to the surface. “It is important to have a message within my work,” he says. When Thando Hopa approached him to do a shoot, Dingwall turned his camera to the narrow ideas of beauty. Read Justin Dingwall's full story...
25 Apr 2019 11:12
#BeautifulNews: Why these kids won’t give up on golf
For children used to the fast-paced thrill of soccer, golf can be pretty boring. This left Prince Modiba with a challenge: how do you get kids interested in the sport? When he began coaching youth in Soweto, he had to build their curiosity and skills from the ground up. But Modiba managed to pique their attention, motivating the kids to come back and learn more. In a community where golf used to be inaccessible, Modiba is giving them the chance to swing for success. Read Prince Modiba's full story...
16 Apr 2019 12:57
#BeautifulNews: Talent and legend meet to level the playing field
Gary Kirsten knows all about winning. For years, the former Protea was one of the nation’s favourite opening batsmen. In 2011, he coached India to Cricket World Cup victory, shooting his status as a cricketing icon out of the park. But Kirsten’s most recent win has been the hearts of Khayelitsha. There, he realised that real talent can come from any background, but not everyone gets the same opportunities in life. The local hero turned his attention to youth who have no access to professional sports training. “Cricket has done so much for me,” Kirsten says. “I want to pass on my skills to the future of South African cricket.” Read Gary Kirsten's full story...
4 Apr 2019 12:49
#BeautifulNews: A cinematic glimpse into the splendour of the Cape Flats
Not one second passes Lindsey Appolis by unnoticed. He sees the everyday beauty that’s often clouded by perceptions and preconceived notions. Camera in hand, he’s exposing the splendour around him – particularly of the Cape Flats. “My photographic style is cinematic,” Appolis says. “I’m giving you a glimpse into my memories and how things look to me.” Having grown up here, Appolis is resolute to show his community in a new light. Read Lindsey Appolis' full story...
2 Apr 2019 13:01
#BeautifulNews: Cruising through Khayelitsha on a canoe
Who goes canoeing through a township? For Siyanda Sopangisa, it’s a natural progression from his days of swimming in Khayelitsha’s wetlands. The waters were an integral part of his childhood. But over time, he watched as the river filled with trash. “The wetlands I knew as a young boy were gone,” Sopangisa says. He didn’t despair. Instead, Sopangisa saw an opportunity. Not only would he restore the river – he’d do it from a boat. Read Siyanda Sopangisa's full story...
26 Mar 2019 13:17
#BeautifulNews: The oldest Cape Malay choir guarding heritage with liedjies of love
Abduraghmaan Morris is an absolute gentleman. He’s always impeccably dressed, and there’s an unmissable tenderness in his voice. When Morris sings, there isn’t a dry eye in the house. That’s not his intention, but the tunes of his choir are so filled with emotion, the reaction can’t be helped. Morris is the president of the oldest Malay choir in Cape Town. Their liedjies, or folk songs, are a blend of Dutch and Eastern melodies, infused with soul and sentiment of centuries gone by. Though they resonate notes of a colourful world, they are also rooted in a deeply painful history. Read Abduraghmaan Morris' full story...
21 Feb 2019 13:22
#BeautifulNews: Farieda Abrahams reclaims the story of District Six
Peering over her glasses, Farieda Abrahams reads aloud from the book she’s just published. As her voice softens, her eyebrows furrow. Precious memories are embedded into every word. How could the feelings of revisiting her childhood not erupt on the grandmother’s face? Growing up in the District Six area of Cape Town, Abrahams watched how drugs, gangsterism and unemployment ravaged the community after the apartheid government forcefully removed them. But for years, she kept the stories of the past on the back page while raising her three children and six grandchildren. Though she fulfilled her obligation to her family, Abrahams had a bigger duty – to share her personal and painful history. Read Farieda Abrahams' full story...
19 Feb 2019 11:04
#BeautifulNews: The skateboarder giving vulnerable kids the chance to fly
It’s 2002. Dallas Oberholzer, champion skateboarder, sets foot in Isithumba, in the sprawling Valley of a Thousand Hills. He has a vision for something unheard of in the area: a skate park. But in the face of uncertainty, he turned his idea into a reality, and opened Indigo Skate Camp, a place for vulnerable youths to try their foot at the sport and grind a new path in life. Read Dallas Oberholzer's full story...
3 Jan 2019 08:36
#BeautifulNews: Football, meet feminism
The first time Happiness Gutshwa picked up a soccer ball, she held her future in her hands. Not that she knew it at the time. Just 11 years old, she couldn’t have imagined how far the sport would take her. At first she played with anyone willing to join. It was only as she got older that Gutshwa noticed the gender bias on the field. But this has only served to motivate her further. Despite the fact that men still get the lion’s share of sporting coverage and support, Gutshwa is determined to make a difference with Khayelitsha’s first women’s club. Read Happiness Gutshwa's full story...
20 Dec 2018 06:40
#BeautifulNews: Riding the wave of body positivity
Annelissa Mhloli wanted to try her hand at catching a wave. But the sport made her conscious of her weight. Mhloli was afraid she wasn’t like the other surfers. “I saw that a lot of them were in great shape,” she says. “That was a setback for me because I felt as if I wasn’t going to fit in.” Stereotypes of what plus-size women can and can’t do invaded Mhloli’s mind, threatening to hold her back. Then she got offered her dream job. The only snag? It involved surfing....
8 Oct 2018 12:19
Next Generation: What we do
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17 May 2018 13:13
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