24 Jun 2019Commercial and court-aligned mediation trainingCape Town
24 Jun 2019Simplified plain language course - Fast-track to plain languageJohannesburg
25 Jun 2019Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) training coursePretoria
26 Jun 2019Contracts and contractor management masterclass 2019Johannesburg
27 Jun 2019Protection of Personal Information Act compliance masterclass 2019Johannesburg
1 Jul 2019Short course in law for commercial forensic practitionersPretoria
5 Jul 2019The Protection of Personal Information Act. A masterclass.Cape Town
8 Jul 2019Labour Law in SA: Practice and ProcedureCape Town
16 Jul 2019Contracts management masterclass 2019Johannesburg
22 Jul 2019International CFE exam prep and facilitation courseCape Town
23 Jul 2019Skills Development Facilitator conference 2019Johannesburg
24 Jul 2019Transformation Through MediationPretoria
29 Jul 2019Second Johannesburg Legal Tech MeetupJohannesburg
30 Jul 2019Legal Costs Training Masterclass 2019Johannesburg
19 Aug 2019Gas and LNG Markets: Contracts and PricingJohannesburg
19 Aug 2019Chinese law and investment in Africa 2019Cape Town
21 Aug 2019Legal Digital Transformation SummitJohannesburg
26 Aug 2019Commercial and court-aligned mediation trainingCape Town
3 Sep 2019Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for Renewable EnergyJohannesburg
3 Sep 2019Introduction to African Customary LawPretoria
16 Sep 2019Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Contracts for Energy IndustryJohannesburg
18 Sep 2019Effective legal writingCape Town
19 Sep 2019Workplace Skills Planning Conference 2019Johannesburg
26 Sep 2019Competition law – the South African experienceJohannesburg
27 Sep 2019Changes to the National Credit Act 2019Cape Town
30 Sep 2019Medical negligence and health sector mediation trainingPaarl
17 Oct 2019Legal aspects of corporate financeCape Town
25 Oct 2019Twin Peaks, the Insurance Act and Conduct of Financial Institutions Bill 2019Cape Town
1 Nov 2019Pension law updateCape Town
6 Nov 2019Practical insights into corporate governanceCape Town
12 Nov 2019Government contracts and procurement lawCape Town
15 Nov 2019Trusts - an intro to the legal and practical aspectsCape Town
1 Apr 2020Legislative Drafting 2020Cape Town
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