18 Jan 2021Project Design using Logical Framework Approach Online CourseNairobi
18 Jan 2021Effective Data Collection Management/VisualisationNairobi
18 Jan 2021Discrete Choice Modeling through Theory/PracticeNairobi
18 Jan 2021Agricultural Policy Framework for Development CourseNairobi
18 Jan 2021Agricultural Value Chain Development/Market LinkagesNaairobi
18 Jan 2021Agriculture Innovation/Technology for Sustainable DevelopmentNairobi
18 Jan 2021Crop Biotechnology for Food Security/NutritionNairobi
18 Jan 2021Climate smart agriculture to build resilience in mitigating effects of climate changeNairobi
18 Jan 2021Food/Nutrition Security AnalysisNairobi
18 Jan 2021Training on Feeds Formulation/Milling Technology for Increased Milk Quantity/QualityNairobi
18 Jan 2021Data Analysis, Modeling/Simulation using Excel CourseNairobi
18 Jan 2021Mobile Data Collection using ODK, GIS Mapping, Data Analysis using NVIVO/R CourseNairobi
18 Jan 2021Result-Based Monitoring/Evaluation of Agricultural Projects CourseNairobi
18 Jan 2021Feeds formulation/milling technology for increased milk quantity/quality TrainingNairobi
18 Jan 2021International Training on Traceability and Phytosanitary Standards in AgricultureNairobi
18 Jan 2021Theory of Change in Agricultural Project Monitoring/EvaluationNairobi
18 Jan 2021Result-based Monitoring/Evaluation of Agricultural ProjectsNairobi
18 Jan 2021Training course on Traceability/Phytosanitary Standards in AgricultureNairobi
18 Jan 2021Result-based Monitoring/Evaluation of Agricultural ProjectsNairobi
18 Jan 2021Training on Accounting for NGOs using QuickBooksNairobi
18 Jan 2021Training on Monitoring and Evaluation in Food Security/NutritionNairobi
18 Jan 2021Training on Data Operations Using ODK Stata and Quantum GIS in M&EFahari Palace Serviced Apartments
18 Jan 2021International Training on Community development projects Management SkillsFahari Palace Serviced Apartments
25 Jan 2021Analysis of Complex Sample Survey Data using StataNairobi
25 Jan 2021Training on Analysis of Qualitative Data using NVivoNairobi
25 Jan 2021Training on Better/Timely Data Collection Analysis/Visualisation Using ODK SPSS Stata R/QGISNairobi
25 Jan 2021Integrating Gender in Scientific Research to Enhance Adoption of TechnologiesNairobi
25 Jan 2021Agriculture Best Extension PracticesNairobi
25 Jan 2021Causes/Minimisation of Post-harvest LossesNairobi
25 Jan 2021Climate Change Adaptation in a Changing EnvironmentNairobi
25 Jan 2021Climate Change Risk Management in Building Resilience to Mitigate Effects of Climate ChangeNairobi
25 Jan 2021Data Collection/Management using CSPRO Training CourseNairobi
25 Jan 2021Information Security/Data Management CourseNairobi
25 Jan 2021Irrigation/Operational Maintenance CourseNairobi
25 Jan 2021Causes/MinimiSation of Post-Harvest Losses CourseNairobi
25 Jan 2021Customer Care/Public Relations for Improved Organisation Performance CourseNairobi
25 Jan 2021Time Management/Personal Effectiveness courseNairobi
25 Jan 2021Effective B2B/Trade Marketing Strategies CourseNairobi
25 Jan 2021Digital Marketing Training CourseNairobi
25 Jan 2021International Training on Evaluation for Risk Management/FundingNairobi
25 Jan 2021Water Harvesting Techniques for Rural Development International TrainingNairobi
25 Jan 2021Epidemiological data analysis using Stata trainingNairobi
25 Jan 2021Collaborative Learning by Stakeholders for Successful Project ImplementationFahari Palace Serviced Apartments
25 Jan 2021Designing and Conducting Surveys for Monitoring and Evaluation of Agricultural ProjectsNairobi
1 Feb 2021Research Design Data Management/Statistical Analysis using SPSSNairobi
1 Feb 2021Research and statistical analysis using Stata trainingNairobi
1 Feb 2021Training on Resource Mobilisation/Proposal WritingNairobi
1 Feb 2021Training on Agriculture Value Chain/Market LinkagesNairobi
1 Feb 2021Training on Project Monitoring/Evaluation with Data Management/AnalysisNairobi
1 Feb 2021Project appraisals and impact evaluations courseNairobi
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