20 May 2019Advanced Web-based Mapping Applications using Open Source GIS Tools CourseNairobi
20 May 2019AutoCAD 2D and 3D Drawings and Practical Projects CourseNairobi
20 May 2019Electronic Document and Records Management CourseNairobi
20 May 2019Flood Disaster Risk Management in a Changing Climate CourseNairobi
20 May 2019GIS Application in Disaster Risk Reduction CourseNairobi
20 May 2019Monitoring and Evaluation for Food Security and Nutrition CourseNairobi
20 May 2019Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems CourseNairobi
20 May 2019Online marketing social media, Google and email marketing courseNairobi
20 May 2019Procurement logistics and supply chain management courseNairobi
20 May 2019Procurement logistics and supply chain management courseNairobi
20 May 2019Quantitative data management and analysis with SAS courseNyeri
20 May 2019Remote Sensing and GIS for Public Health and Epidemiology CourseNairobi
20 May 2019Research Design, Mobile Data Collection and Mapping and Data Analysis using NVIVO and R CourseNairobi
20 May 2019Rural Development CourseNairobi, Kenya
27 May 2019Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation for Development Results CourseNairobi
27 May 2019Agri-Business, Enterprise Development and Market Linkage CourseNairobi
27 May 2019Business Continuity Planning and Management CourseNairobi
27 May 2019Business Management CourseNairobi
27 May 2019GIS for Health Sector Programme Management CourseNairobi
27 May 2019Impact Evaluation for Evidence-Based Policy in Development CourseNairobi
27 May 2019Irrigation and Operational Maintenance CourseNairobi
27 May 2019Monitoring Evaluation and Data Analysis for Community based Projects CourseNairobi
27 May 2019Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) Management CourseNairobi
27 May 2019Panel Data Models in STATA CourseNairobi
27 May 2019Project Management Monitoring and Evaluation with MS Projects CourseNairobi
27 May 2019Project Monitoring and Evaluation with Data Management and Analysis CourseNairobi
3 Jun 2019Data Analysis, Modeling and Simulation using Excel CourseNairobi
3 Jun 2019Project Appraisals and Impact Evaluations CourseNairobi
3 Jun 2019Project Proposal and Report Writing Skill CourseNairobi
3 Jun 2019Qualitative Data Management and Analysis with NVIVO CourseNairobi
3 Jun 2019Research Design, Mobile Data Collection, Mapping and Data Analysis using NVIVO and PYTHON CourseNairobi
1 Jul 2019Data Analysis, M&E, GIS, Data Collection using ODK, Financial Management Training WorkshopNairobi
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