2 Aug 2021Monitoring/Evaluation in Food Security/Nutrition Projects and ProgrammesNairobi
2 Aug 2021Monitoring and Evaluation for Agriculture and Rural Development CourseNairobi
2 Aug 2021Monitoring and Evaluation for Governance CourseNairobi
2 Aug 2021Project Management Training CourseNairobi
2 Aug 2021Project Performance Evaluation CourseNairobi
2 Aug 2021GIS for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management CourseNairobi
2 Aug 2021Gender Based Violence Training CourseNairobi
2 Aug 2021Gender Equity Achievement in Development Projects CourseNairobi
2 Aug 2021Electronic Document and Records Management CourseNairobi
2 Aug 2021Information Security and Data Management CourseNairobi
2 Aug 2021Mobile Data Collection and Management using KoBoToolBox CourseNairobi
2 Aug 2021Monitoring and Evaluation for Food Security and Nutrition CourseNairobi
2 Aug 2021Digital Marketing Training CourseNairobi
2 Aug 2021Customer Service Excellence CourseNairobi
2 Aug 2021Accounts Payable Training CourseNairobi
2 Aug 2021Financial Analysis and Modelling using Excel CourseNairobi
9 Aug 2021Approaches in participatory monitoring/evaluation of development projects/programmesNairobi
9 Aug 2021Enhanced Spatial Data Analysis/Mapping/Visualisation using Quantum GISNairobi
9 Aug 2021Nvivo trainingNairobi
9 Aug 2021Training on Advanced Statistical Analysis using SPSSNairobi
9 Aug 2021Training on Web-based GIS and MappingNairobi
9 Aug 2021Collecting Data for Monitoring and Evaluation using Mobile PhonesNairobi
9 Aug 2021How Business Can Utilise Microsoft Excel Skills for Business Accounting and AnalysisNairobi
9 Aug 2021Microsoft Excel Training For Organisations and IndividualsNairobi
16 Aug 2021Effective Monitoring/Evaluation Techniques of Projects/Programmes in AgricultureNairobi
16 Aug 2021Innovative ways of promoting entrepreneurship and agribusiness developmentNairobi
16 Aug 2021Effective Monitoring/Evaluation Techniques of Projects/Programmes in AgricultureNairobi
16 Aug 2021Postgraduate proposal/thesis development mentorship courseNairobi
16 Aug 2021Training on Participatory Monitoring/EvaluationNairobi
16 Aug 2021Advanced Statistical Analysis Using Statistical Package for Social SciencesNairobi
16 Aug 2021Analysis of Complex Sample Survey Data using StataNairobi
16 Aug 2021Better and Timely Data Collection/Analysis/Visualisation using ODK, SPSS/Stata/R and QGISNairobi
16 Aug 2021Data Analysis/Results interpretation/Presentation/ReportingNairobi
16 Aug 2021Discrete Choice modeling through theory and practiceNairobi
16 Aug 2021Effective Communication of Research Findings with Users of Knowledge for ImpactNairobi
16 Aug 2021Effective Data Collection Management/VisualisationNairobi
16 Aug 2021Epidemiology/Bio-statistics using Stata coursesNairobi
16 Aug 2021Information/Documentation ComplianceNairobi
16 Aug 2021Methodology and Software for Processing and Analysing surveys and Assessments data (SPSS/Stats/ExcelNairobi
16 Aug 2021Mathematical modelling for infectious diseases in EpidemiologyNairobi
16 Aug 2021Longitudinal/Panel and Time Series Data Analysis using StataNairobi
16 Aug 2021Research Methodology/Data Management/Analysis/Reporting using SPSSNairobi
16 Aug 2021Postgraduate Proposal/Thesis Development MentorshipNairobi
16 Aug 2021Research/Data management/Statistical Analysis using StataNairobi
16 Aug 2021Statistical Data Analysis using Microsoft ExcelNairobi
16 Aug 2021Training on Agriculture Value Chain/Market LinkagesNairobi
16 Aug 2021Training on Mobile Data Collection/Data Management using CommCareNairobi
16 Aug 2021Training on GIS in Monitoring/EvaluationNairobi
16 Aug 2021Training on Microsoft Excel Dynamic Dashboards for Efficient and Effective Management ReportingNairobi
16 Aug 2021How to Collect and Manage Research data using ODK and Kobo ToolboxNairobi
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