Source: ©Mikko Lemola
How socioeconomic conditions shape renewable energy uptake in Zimbabwe
Africa on the cusp of a new energy paradigm - Kearney paper
Electrolux South Africa prepares for green energy transition
Load shedding - how to keep your productivity up when the power goes down
Solar panels on half the world's roofs could meet its entire electricity demand - new research
Green energy key to infrastructure development, says president
Applications open for scholarship in renewable energy industry
South Africa should not rush move away from coal, Mantashe says
#Windaba2021: Conference addresses role of wind energy in SA economy, climate change
Gauteng, Northern Cape, Sasol sign memoranda on green hydrogen
Top 10 renewable energy projects in MSBGC region
Global Wind Energy Council launches Africa WindPower
China will no longer build overseas coal power plants - what energy projects will it invest in instead?
Senegal: Boosting the role of women in the energy sector
South Africa's renewable energy industry to power ahead
Energy transitions: The role of institutions and market structures
UK climate envoy to visit SA to discuss helping shift from coal
UN council urges Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan to restart dam talks

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