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Latest trends in machines tools market on display at Machine Tools Africa

Machine tools is an integral part of the manufacturing industry, and directly impacts the economy of any country. The machine tools sector in Africa provides numerous prospects for investment, motivated by demand from the aerospace, automotive and energy sectors.
Latest trends in machines tools market on display at Machine Tools Africa

There are several new trends influencing the machine tools market in Africa and driving the growth of the industry going forward.

All the latest trends in machine tools will be on display at the Machine Tools Africa exhibition, taking place from 21-24 May 2024 at the Johannesburg Expo Centre in Nasrec, where industry leaders will have the opportunity to engage on the latest industry trends and technological developments in the machine tools market.

Developments in the local manufacturing sector have led to a demand for automatic machine tools and growth in the CNC machine tools market in the years ahead.

Developing industries require high-precision and complex parts, driving the demand for sophisticated CNC machines capable of intricate designs and tight tolerances.

Hi-Tech Machine Tools will be unveiling the latest Mazak CNC Machines running the latest Smooth CNC Controls at MTA 2024. The 3 Mazak CNC Machines: the Mazak Variaxis C600, the Mazak VCN600 and the Mazak HCN6800 Neo with 2 Pallet changer, will be cutting demonstrations utilising the company’s various products.

Blaser Swisslube Synergy 735 coolant to lubricate and cool the Hofmann & Vratny cutting tool held by the Albrecht Precision holders. Parts programmed in hyperMILL and held by 5th Axis Workholding.

Also in CNC machines, BMG will launch the patented digital 3D taster from Haff & Schreider at MTA 2024. The innovation makes the 3-dimensional setting of the zero point on CNC machines easy and more accurate without having to add expensive point references.

Other developments in the machine tools market include the growing emphasis on automation in manufacturing processes. Machine tools equipped with robotics and automation are becoming more popular, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

FANUC South Africa will be launching the new α-D28LiB5 ADV Plus Y500, with 28 tool turret, and extended Y axis travel up to 500mm.

The company will also demonstrate its full range of products, including the FANUC Robodrill, a compact machining centre that offers high speed with high reliability, and the FANUC Robocut, a wire EDM, with the latest CNC for easy operation and high precision cutting.

Puma Machine Tools will launch the BFC Plus 3015 laser machine at MTA 2024. This new machine sets a new standard for productivity and cost-effectiveness and is equipped with a TruFiber Laser from TRUMPF. Fitted with electric press brake, the TPE8 series is powered by a direct-drive servo motor for supreme precision and stability.

The new laser machine will demonstrate how to laser cut sheet metal, in the form of a specialised ruler and geometry stencil. The company will demonstrate various other DN Solutions, ViciVision, and Iemca machines at MTA 2024.

The demand for machining tools capable of handling advanced materials like composites and high-strength alloys is on the rise. Precision machining for applications in aerospace, automotive, and medical industries are becoming increasingly important.

DNE Laser will showcase solutions for the sheet metal industry at Machine Tools Africa. The company’s Evolving Fiber Laser technology aims to take customers to higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

Retecon will launch a new portable self-centering N.K.O Stinger 300 bevelling system for preparing weld surfaces on pipes and tubes. The new 1000 series fiber laser and press brakes produced by TRUMPF CN are well suited for the local sheet metal industry with an impressive price-performance ratio.

The company will also display the all new TruBend 5000 series for high-level accuracy CNC bending. Retecon will also launch the first of its kind in South Africa, the AL-FLAK 900 from Alpha Laser. The AL-FLAK offers wire welding and powder cladding of tooling and shafts for rapid repair and return to service.

The demand for energy-efficient machine tools is growing as manufacturers seek to reduce operational costs and minimise environmental impact. This trend is being driven by regulatory requirements as well as growing social awareness.

In line with this Chemical Solutions and Innovations (CSI) will be presenting Evaporator Technology - an efficient process to treat industrial wastewater and the modern technological advancements of metal working fluids to improve the protection of both human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.

CSI’s supplier WSI has developed South Africa’s first industrial water waste treatment machine that uses Evaporator technology to efficiently treat industrial water waste.

Integration of 3D printing with traditional manufacturing processes is increasingly being explored. This hybrid approach aims to combine the benefits of both technologies for a more flexible and efficient manufacturing. Visitors to the show can look forward to discovering more about these technologies.

The Machine Tools Africa exhibition is an event by the Machine Tool Merchants’ Association of South Africa (MTMA), and organised by Specialised Exhibitions, a division of the Montgomery Group.

Recognised as the essential machine tools exhibition in Africa, the expo is designed to showcase the very latest global machine tool technology and to highlight the importance of local suppliers and their international manufacturing partners.

The Machine Tools Africa exhibition is seen as a crucial platform for businesses to connect with potential customers and for visitors in search of new products, technologies, and trends.

For more information and to register to attend, visit the Machine Tools Africa website

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