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P Phillani
P PHILLANI Pty Ltd is a catering company that provides catering solutions to our clients and prospective customers.


We are a company that guarantees service excellence, with experience that is measurable and goes beyond catering. Our services are provided by highly trained professionals who deliver best valued services that meet the exact needs of every client. We cater for all age groups, all race groups. We are doing it for clients who are looking to host their guests in events, domestic and corporate. We provide for commercial catering establishments, such as cafeterias, canteens, co-operative business, bakery services, decor and catering events. We have a determination and the know-how-of doing things pertaining to the culinary industry. We respect other well-known chefs and we challenge ourselves to give an amazing and outstanding performance as we strive to see a smile on our client's faces.


Type of company: Catering Company
Primary business: Catering


Physical address: D 633, Ntuzuma, Kwamashu, Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, 4359

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