Lagos has a water and sanitation crisis: what the state and city can do
EbonyLife and Sony Pictures Television launch Àló
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Source: ©czekma13  Agadir, Morocco
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Ford Foundation, MacArthur Foundation partner to empower Nigerian youth
Source: ©Jasmin Merdan
Align your brand with cutting edge trends
PepsiCo introduces initiative to drive sustainable transformation strategy
Ah, Africa! One step forward, two beats ahead with Africa Life by Kantar
Africa's green revolution initiative has faltered: Why other ways must be found
How IPPs can be effectively leveraged in the African power generation landscape
Bridging the Covid-19 vaccine gap
How climate change contributed to Madagascar's food crisis
How designers can maintain their individuality working at big fashion houses
All the 2021 Gender Mainstreaming Awards winners
Source: ©Matthias Ziegler
Source ©Sergey Nivens
NGOs seek to halt proposed mining activities in Zambia's Lower Zambezi National Park
Gallo Music Investments with shareholder Black Coffee closes deal on Content Connect Africa
Travel and tourism can play a key role in resuscitating economies
Open doors: Sub-Saharan Africa embraces restaurants again after the pandemic's clutches
#Newsmaker: Gareth Kemp to lead Ares Group as new CEO
Nestlé opens its largest R+D Accelerator
Total number of mobile phone users hit nearly 5.3 billion
COP26: How the world will measure progress on the Paris climate agreement and keep countries accountable
Global food commodity prices rebound in August
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#Fasa21: KFC's Akhona Qengqe on business survival and innovating for the future

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