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Last chance for Zim Exemption Permit holders to apply for waiver, visa

  5 Jun 2023

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#AfricaMonth: 11 reasons to celebrate Africa's bright future

  24 May 2023

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An international battle over cheese has left European producers feeling bitter

  24 Mar 2023

Lindt's chocolate bunny trade mark win shows shape matters to consumers

  12 Oct 2022

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Final extension for Zim Exemption Permits

  7 Sep 2022

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Biden signs historic inflation act

  19 Aug 2022

Many Zimbabweans may find themselves unlawfully in the country from 1 January 2023, unless the Helen Suzman Foundation wins a case it has launched. Archive photo: Joseph Chirume / GroundUp
Understanding the Zimbabwean permit case

  20 Jun 2022

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Zimbabwe court convicts, fines New York Times freelancer

  14 Jun 2022

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Rapid development of competition law across Africa

  11 May 2022

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