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Generating engagement through your brand narrative

Is brand storytelling just another marketing term that requires more effort and business's resources?
Generating engagement through your brand narrative

Traditional marketing is still an effective way to reach the masses, and digital marketing is growing because of how easy it is to reach your customer. It is immensely overwhelming to keep up to date with marketing developments to reach your customers, build relationships and promote your business. Your brand narrative needs to engage well in the real world and online.


Is conveying what your business does enough these days?

In today’s world, customers do not only want relevant information regarding your business. For this reason, due to the fact that consumers want to be enticed, they want to find appeal in your brand, and they want to make a connection to it too. Relevant information can sometimes work as a stand-alone, but it is just not enough these days. Being interesting and unique increases attraction. At its core, its evoking emotions, captivating audiences and letting your imagination build entire worlds they can see themselves living in.

As a business owner, you can beneficiate from this because consumer behaviour stems from responding to incentives and a good storytelling narrative customers may be instantly drawn in if your business story are portrayed and told well. You can see it in story-driven video games, quirky labels on your favourite drink and even on your weekly television drama series. Why shouldn’t your business use the power of words to draw in customers? Copywriting will give your brand personality, a valuable asset in attracting audiences and creating connections.

Besides the major advantage of increasing your brand awareness and value through storytelling, what else can it do for you?

Customers don’t only want to read about the value of your company. They want to see its character and relate to it. A brand should not seem “expressionless” to customers, because a brand is more than this intangible asset or entity. A brand should be personal and resonate with your customers, and a well-crafted story can achieve this. Stories make humans feel good, and that’s a sensation that any business owner should hope to incite their customers with. Successful corporations prioritise their story because they know it’s how they will get their customers to relate and respond to it.

Content creation

Creating valuable, relevant and unique stories for your business via content creation is essential because your brand is more than just your business card and about the page on your website. Your brand is an asset to your business, and your narrative must communicate a story that stands out from your competitors across all its communication platforms. By creating social media posts, blog articles, infographics, polls and videos you encourage your audiences to take instant action and build relationships with them.

Where to Start

• Do audiences know what sets your business apart from others?
• Does your story appeal to potential customers or clients?
• Are you framing your brand story well?
• Is communication your competitive advantage?

If you answered ‘NO’ to one or more of these questions, then now is the right time you give it some thought.

Find someone, in the business of helping you make your brand matter. Who will do this by offering you online solutions that will develop your brand voice and create copywriting that connects with audiences expressively for an authentic experience.

In short, bring your brand back to life through storytelling and creative marketing.

About Terence T Chinyangare

I'm a technology nomad working as an associate brand manager. I travel around meeting clients and helping them navigate new territories through brand blueprinting and stewardship. I strive to know them and think deeply about their unspoken values and needs. My objective is to help them create meaningful experiences, enabling their brand to be successful. Creating opportunities out of the challenges through implementations and evaluation.
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