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Global age challenges post-oil economy & national exports

The post-oil economy is here to stay for a while. Why wouldn't governments and major trade associations of any exporting nation embrace national mandates to all out campaigns to quadruple local exports of goods and exportability centric agendas, helping local SMEs to deploy all free technologies and global access to catapult exporting revenues and bring local prosperity. It is simple logic; it can be achieved but why is it being neglected? Here is the proof and key strategies...

For so long the notion of shipping to few countries qualifies being global, exporters all over the world must now re-explore new untapped universe of 200 plus countries, studded with 10,000 cities and buzzing with 5 billion online connected inhabitants.

The new global landscape has dramatically changed and exportability of goods and services with boundary-less innovative entrepreneurial excellence is becoming the new phenomena. Why shouldn't trading with 100 plus countries be the new standard? Why shouldn't creating global alliances spanning 200 cities be the new qualifiers? What are the key hurdles that must be conquered?

Fact: The world can easily absorb unlimited amount of exports in many horizontal and vertical markets.
Fact: Well designed and high quality goods are worthy of quadrupled volumes.
Fact: The well trained entrepreneurial talent of Pakistan is capable of such volumes.
Fact: The new global age skills, knowledge and execution styles are the serious missing links.

Quadrupling exports is far easier, but getting rid of myopic thinking is much harder. Today's revolutionary times demand revolutionary actions; future problems demand future tools and futuristic thinking is a must. Because tomorrow is already today, we cannot be burdened with yesterday. It is time to act now or simply become irrelevant. Opportunity is everywhere and opportunity is everything we make it.

Mega ideas are now possible; amazing platforms are now possible; they can be mobilised on fast tracks basis with profitability and affordability, but they demand the right global age skills. The question then becomes, how? Game changers helping game changers are the way of the future, and these game changers are the only way to escape the stagnant and old economic models. Massive growth is now possible with wider and bolder imagination. The mind is hardwired like the universe and willing and ready to explore endless possibilities. Its span is limitless!

With this thinking anything is possible.

Will small businesses out of emerging economies outsmart North America by 2020?

Currently, with 130 million Indians online and an additional billion anxious to join, India is poised to become a powerful English speaking online global force. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi both recognize this. India can easily deploy 100 million SMEs on world-class high impact free technology platforms with an easy 1% super success rate by 2020.

The results--a million global SME entrepreneurs who would change the export and global interaction picture for India and the world. Will American entrepreneurialism mould new global age of commerce by 2020? Canada and USA embedded with world-class entrepreneurs and highly educated workforce could easily deploy one million SMEs. The results would be international alliances and world-class expansion that can lead to international prosperity. How many other such national programs can be developed and how many nations can participate?

Big pyramid & tragic disconnect

Roughly speaking, the global pyramid of human consumption clearly fills the top tip with one billion wealthy people, followed by two billion middle-income and the base, some three billion poor. Simple math points out that just the top and middle section alone creates potential markets several times larger than the entire US. The exotic conveyer belts feeding the consumption of motivated buyers are no longer exclusive to a handful of deluxe countries but have rather become an intricate galaxy of smart high quality customer service driven 24-7-365 delivery platforms available to some 100 million awakening SMEs around the world.

The super expensive knowledge tools on how to operate globally once exclusively available to multi-billion dollar players are now freely available to smart thinking SME entrepreneurs. However, to understand these emerging enterprise levels, specialized training and knowledge is required. Our universities curricula have yet to fathom these concepts. The varying depths of such subjects are extremely exciting, but require practical and pragmatic understanding something charts and theories in class-rooms cannot achieve. Problem solving and deep dives into innovative approaches to global 24-7-365 platforms are critically essential.

The one key issue is that emerging nations by the hundred, cities by the thousands and enterprises by the millions have all struggled over decades to reach the upper crust and have miserably failed for reasons of quality and image but that was all past. Today, most high quality products and services are originated in the most remote and undiscovered parts of the world. Unfortunately, for those emerging and entrepreneurial exporters on one side it's the struggle to reach outward and on the other to allow super easy access to get discovered with inward traffic.

The Dark Tragedy:

Fact: Less than 5% of nations' top export promotions agencies have correct, updated, functional websites and at least some online presence. We need to evaluate this situation and ask, "Why so few?"

Fact: Less than 5% of the nations' top major trades associations are also in similar disconnect, including major institutions such as chamber of commerce's, economic development ministries and related government departments.

Foreign trade commissioners, so diligently scattered all over the world at such great cost by each anxious country itself, imposes another layer of dysfunctional perplexity of a similar order. A weird model of scattered jigsaw pieces appears responsible for the many missing pieces of business opportunities across the world. Nations are being left behinds by such simple yet critical negligence.

The global age mystery

In this age, when a basic website costs less than $10USD, where logos, designs and HD pictures free or cost little, and updated information a day or two of a clerical work away, year after year a nation's highest potential and emerging exporters are being kept in the dark and out of reach from the global audience. Who are the beneficiaries of such dysfunctional practices across all major ecommerce customer touch points?

A quick audit of the any top 100 key institutions in any country will be glaring proof of this tragic disconnect, parallel to all this and ignoring simple mathematics, most nation's top political agenda is heavily engaged in creating lip-service mantras on job creations and local prosperity. One of the important questions needed, "Why aren't these issues interrelated?"

Overnight reforms

All such issues can be fixed with quick deployment of technology. All can be changed almost overnight, but first a new attitude and philosophy is necessary to embrace the new world. It calls for the issuance of the commandments from the top and have all touch points corrected across the nation within a week. It can be done. Such, complacency and incompetency have been sending global buyers elsewhere. Options are simple; we must rectify immediately or slowly sink further into the compliancy of ignorance and no activity.

Role of the domestic export & trade development authorities and trade associations: Identification and selection of the highest potential 100-10000 entrepreneurial SMEs. Selections of founders, owners to demonstrate some level of innovative excellence, ideas, export quality production and expansion capability along with strong desires to enter upper stratosphere and export to the world.

Mobilize a super-entrepreneurialism program and alter the national GDP EXPOTHON 2016 FORUM DUBAI - will debate such topic, to participate contact

Formation of a National Manifesto to acquire rightful image supremacy of innovative excellence and exports will differentiate the quality of nations as we approach 2020. Mastery of global age thinking, knowledge and execution is a prerequisite.

About Naseem Javed

Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, chairman of Expothon Worldwide; a Canadian Think tank focused on National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism on Platform Economies.

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