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#Indaba2017: Indaba rebranded to Africa's Travel Indaba

The annual Travel Indaba has rebranded to Africa's Travel Indaba, reflecting its evolution from a locally-orientated event to one that is representative of the African continent. The Indaba has been taking place for more than 35 years, 25 of which have been in Durban, a venue that has been confirmed for the next five years.

President Jacob Zuma reaffirmed this at the opening of Indaba 2017 on Tuesday, 16 May, referring to the Indaba as “a wonderful way to celebrate Africa month and to showcase the beauty of our country and our continent. This week we bring Africa and the world together at this homegrown trade show where Africa markets itself to the world.”

The rebranding reflects the commitment to parenting with the rest of Africa to not only showcase tourism from across the continent but to contribute to the economic growth of Africa.

Another consideration in the rebranding was to differentiate it from other high-profile events in the country that also utilise the name Indaba.

A brand refresh

This year, Indaba also saw a number of upgrades being implemented - all part of its brand refresh - from an updated diary system that will provide more matchmaking options and more meeting opportunities including buyers and media to a brand new Indaba App that will be the primary source of information, news on events, and for navigation and meetings. Other event enhancements include a new layout, new (streamlined) events programme with new speakers and a new luxury pavilion.

Tourism industry counting down to Indaba 2017

Indaba will return to the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre sporting a more streamlined programme and improved floor layout to make it easier for the world to come and sample Africa's tourism treasures...

6 Apr 2017

In conjunction with the above, SAT will strategically position itself to meet and share insights with the greater tourism industry. The positioning has given the African travel industry more ownership in the show - with SAT’s role more clearly defined as the organiser and ownership of the show lying with the entire industry.

Africa never stops moving

Africa moves your feet as much as she moves your heart, your body, and your soul - and we, Africa’s Travel Indaba, move with her.

The rebrand messaging is based on the insight that Africa never stops moving. It states: “From the natural movement of our wildlife to the political movements that have defined our history. From the movement across borders and oceans that gave us the diversity we celebrate today, to the seemingly never-ending movement of our cities, Africa is defined by movement - Up, Down, Forward, Onwards. Forever growing, expanding, and exploding - with ideas, possibilities, and energy. Africa moves your feet as much as she moves your heart, your body, and your soul - and we, Africa’s Travel Indaba, move with her.”

#Indaba2017: Africa moves you

“Not only do we want to show the world what Africa has to offer, but by presenting a fantastic product, we want it to lead to more business and through that have a bigger impact on the economies of the different countries in Africa."

By Danette Breitenbach 10 May 2017

Explaining the motivation behind this, Liana Liebenberg, FCB’s head of design, says it is about people being so fanatical about Africa. “In Africa, it is not just about moving from A to B, but the stories in between these spaces.” The branding design reflects this with a logo that moves, bends and creates all these patterns in between, like the stories in Africa. “We also created a CI that is modern in a contemporary way.”

“Movement, the love, passion, and obsession with Africa that moves us emotionally and makes us want to share that feeling with the rest of the world. Moving South Africa, Africa, and their tourism industries forwards. Physically moving people from A to B as part of our business,” states the branding message.
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