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These reminders could make or break your road trip

With leisure travel back on the table, many of us are taking advantage of weekend escapes or considering booking a summer holiday soon. Having not been able to schedule a getaway during the higher levels of lockdown, some of our good holiday habits might be lacking. Brushing up on these key reminders before you set off will ensure your escape is well remembered.
These reminders could make or break your road trip
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The possibilities of an accident or crime remain high even with sunnier days ahead.

Many of us are planning road trips all around the country. Before you turn the ignition, have you thought about packing some emergency items? Your emergency kit should include a charged cell phone, with a spare charger in tow. Jumper cables, a fire extinguisher, tow rope and a reflective warning triangle are important to bring with you, as well as a multipurpose utility tool and a waterproof torch with extra batteries. Pack hand sanitiser, alcohol-based wipes and extra face masks too.

Details of your car insurance are important to keep on hand, as is a first aid kit. Also consider useful items like drinkable water, and some emergency snacks. Bug spray and pepper spray are important too, and a map book could be a lifesaver if your GPS fails you.

If you are travelling with kids, remember to bring items to keep them entertained and if you are travelling with pets, pack leashes, treats, a water bowl, waste bags and pet blankets. Pack extra layers for you to wear too in case the evenings are cold on the road.

Addressing the answers to these questions upfront (before you even think about locking up and going) will also add towards your safe arrival:

• Are you the main driver registered on your car insurance policy? If someone will be sharing the driving load, make sure you are comprehensively covered on your car insurance, or risk an accident depleting your holiday budget on the spot.

• If your car breaks down or you get into an accident, are you insured for assistance and do you have the correct contact numbers noted (write them down, don’t just rely on a cell phone). Avoid tow truck assistance that is not pre-approved by your insurer.

• If you have a tracker system or car alarm, are they in good working order? They need to be before you leave.

• Do you have a spare key for the car? Even having a spare kept safely with someone you trust is a good step to take.

Ensure that your All Risk insurance cover extends as you need it to – covering portable possessions such as phones, tablets, and laptops for their correct replacement values. These items are attractive targets unfortunately for both crime and accidents.

Never text or talk on your cell phone while driving. Consider setting up the 'do not disturb' function on your phone to help avoid temptation. Keep your eyes on the road and be aware of travelling cyclists, bikers, and pedestrians as they are not always the easiest to see, and might misjudge how far away your car is. Ensuring you are visible is an easy way to ensure everyone remains safe. Keep this in mind especially if you need to pull over, and always remain aware of your surroundings.

Touching base with your adviser before your trip is worthwhile to keep your holiday plans on track.

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