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    World's first-ever virtual museum of plastic opens

    Baz-Art, an NPO specialising in creating public engagement through urban art, and Greenpop, an eco-activist organisation, have joined hands with the UK Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality company to open the world's first virtual museum - The Museum of Plastic 2121.
    Source: Supplied
    Source: Supplied

    Delivering a nuanced take that’s sensitive and insightful, the virtual museum is set in the future, looking back on a version of the present where we decide to ban single-use plastics and manage to curb climate destruction.

    Visitors can uncover the story of plastic - its history, science, industry and impact on our environment. They will also learn the importance of establishing a circular economy, and find out how activism and individual action happening now will lead to positive change in the future.

    Museum of Plastic is “not your average museum”

    Commissioned by the British Council, the Museum of Plastic showcases the work of six South African mural artists - Cheeky Observer, Ellena Lourens, Dirty Native, Silas Ras Moetse, Wayne BKS and Mernette Swartz. Each artist has painted a real-world plastic-pollution-themed mural, which has been digitally inserted into the Museum of Plastic on the Curatours platform.

    The Curatours platform is accessible through smart devices (cellphones, laptops and tablets) and VR headsets, ensuring that groups of international active citizens and virtual experience seekers can easily have social, learning-based experiences around the exhibition.

    The museum includes six wings, each with a different environmental theme that fits a time period from the 1800s to the year 2121. The first museum wing was launched on 8 November, with the additional wings launching each week thereafter.

    Baz-Art co-founder Alexandre Tilmans commented: “Throughout history, art has been a powerful medium to communicate a message and change the world. We’re hoping that this experience engages a global audience and shows people that we can change our future if we act now. This is not your average museum. It comprises ground-breaking creative commissions that bring together art, science and digital technology to create an unforgettable immersive experience.”

    Tilmans adds that they hope that the museum fuels healthy debate and bridges the gap between local individuals and communities of action to create a culture of activism, optimism and understanding.

    Speaking to further aspirations for the museum, Tilmans said: “My hope is to see The Museum of Plastic grow and develop into a global museum, creating more rooms for other countries and artists to join the conversation and grow awareness of the impacts of climate change as well as the climate-positive actions we can all take to make a meaningful difference.”

    You can visit The Museum of Plastic 2121 through the Curatours app which is available for Oculus Quest VR headsets and Windows PCs.

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