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PETCO to host international colloquium

The European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisation (EPRO) will hold its first general meeting on African soil on 20 November 2013 in Cape Town and will be hosted by PETCO, the PET Recycling Company.
PETCO to host international colloquiumIn order to maximise the opportunity to learn from each other's best practices with regards to waste management, recycling, the green economy and packaging initiatives, a global colloquium with leaders in the recycling and waste management industries will take place on Thursday, 21 November 2013. The colloquium titled "Global Partnerships for a Sustainable Recycling Sector: Sharing. Dialogue. Action" will see 15 international speakers paired with 15 local industry leaders sharing their views on the waste management and recycling economy, trends, legislative tools, technical innovation and more.

According to Cheri Scholtz, CEO of PETCO, EPRO is an association of the national organisations charged with organising and promoting recycling and recovery of plastics throughout Europe. PETCO is an associate member of EPRO and the only African country represented. PETCO is also a member of the Global Alliance for Recycling and Sustainable Development (GARSD) - an alliance of countries including Mexico, Thailand, Uruguay, Brazil and Colombia promoting sustainable waste management in developing countries.

Portals to exchange ideas

"Both platforms are important portals for the exchange of ideas, innovation and learning for South Africa," says Scholtz. "Our association with these international bodies affords us the opportunity to learn from international best practices, as well as have a say on decisions that could ultimately impact global markets, legislation and trends, decisions that have a direct influence on the future of recycling and waste management here at the southern tip of Africa, where we have our own unique set of challenges."

The conference enjoys the support of the South Africa's Recovery Action Group (RAG) members, whose members include Collect-a-Can, The Glass Recycling Company, Hulamin Limited, Packaging Council of South Africa, Paper Recycling Association of South Africa, PlasticsISA, Polyco, the SA Plastics Recycling Organisation and the Polystyrene Council.

Networking opportunities

In order for the European contingent to learn more about initiatives taking place in South Africa, various exhibitions will be on display by local companies who are involved in recycling, waste management and plastic packaging. Sufficient time has also been worked into the programme for networking opportunities between the delegates, whilst EPRO's visit to South Africa will conclude on Friday, 22 November 2013 with a half-day technical tour to a local recycling plant, wash plant and production facilities as well as other sustainable built environment projects and cultural tours.

For more information, contact az.oc.octep@sekrap.asil or az.oc.gnitekrammiA@euqinom.

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