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Pick n Pay supports drought relief fund

Pick n Pay has announced the donation of R500,000 through different initiatives to provide respite for communities in South Africa's drought-stricken areas.
Pick n Pay supports drought relief fund
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"Pick n Pay has already been collecting donations of water at stores in affected areas. We will now partner with AgriSA and their drought relief fund via a corporate donation to the fund," said Suzanne Ackerman-Berman, transformation director at Pick n Pay.

Smart Shopper members will also be able to donate Smart Shopper points to the drought relief fund, and Pick n Pay will match customer donations up to an amount of R100,000.

"As a sustainable solution to the problem of water scarcity, and the impact it has on food security, we have begun discussions with AgriSA on identifying the extent of the need for water tanks in drought-stricken areas. Pick n Pay will pay for a number of these tanks to be installed at a cost of R5,000 per tank."

Garden projects

"We have experience in the installation of water tanks through the Ackerman Pick n Pay Foundation Food Garden projects where we have installed boreholes and water tanks to help people to grow their own food, in many cases to the point where they can sell produce and take responsibility for their own food security. Through the foundation, 248 community gardens of this kind have been set up to date," said Ackerman-Berman.

There are a number of organisations which have been encouraging people to donate water at collection points for distribution. Pick n Pay will work with Water Shortage South Africa, who have representatives distributing water from collection points in all regions, and act as a drop-off point for bottled water. Where practical, Pick n Pay will assist with distribution.

"Part of Pick n Pay's corporate culture is that our customers and our people join us to get involved in community work, and so we will also be challenging our staff across our five regional offices to collect 100,000 litres of bottled water that will be donated to areas in need," said Ackerman-Berman.

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