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2023 trends to expect in marketing, beauty and travel

As 2022 winds down and the 2023 countdown begins, the team from The Media Shop identifies what they think will be the key trends in travel, beauty and marketing.

Convenience and credibility

Dashni Vilakazi, managing director at The Media Shop’s Johannesburg office, says that consumers will be expecting businesses to raise the quality of their user experience. “Be distinct and direct when leading customers to your e-commerce platform as more and more transactions will take place in this space and convenience is the order of the day,” she says.

“I also believe that influencer marketing will step up to and give brands great non-commercial credibility. Consumers trust user-generated content (UGC) more than content created by brands – but use it credibly. UGC enhances a brand’s conversation platform to generate leads and loyalty. When it comes to video-based content or short-form video, I believe this format is here to stay and will grow exponentially throughout 2023.

"The ever-evolving word-of-mouth advertising, and the online ‘word of mouth’ will also continue to be crucial throughout next year. Personal recommendations and feedback remain timeless in our lives.”


Natasha Miller, business unit manager at the agency is excited that the world is open for travel once more. She says: “You can go just about anywhere again and now’s the time to cash in on revenge travel! Local tourism is lekkerder with consumers taking full advantage of discounted travel packages. They’re splurging on luxury vacations just to tick off their bucket lists.

The travel and tourism industry is growing at an annual rate of 8.46% and by 2026 the projected market value will be just under $1bn. Notable trends in the travel industry include a boom in solo travel and an increased speed of tech adoption in customer-centric service via chatbots and advanced AI robotic products. This will cater to travel needs in mature markets. We’ve also noted Electric Air Travel going mainstream, with a continued rise in demand for sustainable travel and most notably, travellers are blending Business and Leisure travel (Bleisure) more than ever before.

Bleisure is certainly a key trend to watch out for as the concept of being location independent is now such a huge reality for most people. The hospitality industry has already started capitalising on it, catering specifically to digital nomads,” she says. “Workcations will pave the future with more than 50% of travellers saying they would extend their business trip to enjoy personal time at their destination. And I mean, why wouldn’t we.”


In the beauty category, business unit manager at The MediaShop Maggie Pronto says that the past two years have been very challenging. “Consumers moved away from being “made up” to natural with a focus on Skinimalism. During Covid-19, there was less focus about make-up routines and more about looking after and caring for your skin. This new behaviour has continued into 2022 and I believe into 2023 with more multifunctional products stepping up, which has economic benefits for consumers, as the number of products they use can be reduced, as will their overall cost.”

Pronto also explains that with masks now mostly a thing of the past, the use of colour is great self-expression. “Consumers want to heal and indulge, and as a result, are using colour as their pick-me-up. This ties in with the trend of mental well-being and I’m confident that as we move into 2023, there will be increased focus on leading a more balanced life."

Sustainability also continues to be important, and consumers can see through clean washing (using products with safer ingredients for the environment), so don’t try and hide behind any concealer. Collective activism is real and you will be called out. Along with recycling and other packaging alternatives, refillable options are also in high demand, across both mass and luxury brands with fragrance-refilling options becoming even more accessible.

Although filters and augmented reality allow consumers an interactive way to experience a product, there has been a shift to the removal of beauty filters on social media. TikTok is one of the platforms that has been able to step into this “gap” – and they have a massive beauty community with everyday creators that are open for collaboration.

“While some tactics and strategies will remain the same throughout 2023, there are clearly certain areas and industries that require adaptability, flexibility or all-out change,” says Vilakazi. “The crucial constant in all areas of business will be to remain present in the minds of your consumer and to always be available when needed.”

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