Telkom shuts down all its stores - self-service channels use advised

Telkom has issued a statement saying that it has decided to close all its stores in the country in light of recent unrest and protests. "Please note that from 13 July 2021 all Telkom stores across the country will be closed until the situation can be assessed fully and it can be established that it is completely safe to resume business activities," the company said.
Telkom shuts down all its stores - self-service channels use advised

This announcement comes after Telkom closed its stores in KwaZulu-Natal, where most of the protest action is taking place.

The telecommunications company is urging its customers to make use of alternative channels for assistance during this time period.

"Everyone is encouraged to use the self-service channels in the meantime. Customers will be able to receive guidance and information on the alternative assistance options; including information on the Telkom App, how to log into the self-service portal and checking coverage in your area. Customers may also reach out on our WhatsApp Helpline on 081-160-1700," said Telkom.

"Telkom understands that customers will be relying on their connectivity during this time more than ever and we have therefore put a range of plans in place to ensure network availability and stability."

The protests, initially linked to calls for the release of Jacob Zuma from prison, started in KwaZulu-Natal and have since spread to other areas such as Johannesburg.

The Consumer Goods Council of South Africa commented on the protests in a separate statement, saying: "Looters are targeting retail shops, including liquor stores, and have stolen merchandise which includes foodstuffs, electrical products and clothing. The loss to retailers, including the cost of damage to property and delivery vehicles, runs into millions of rands and has already severely affected their operations. The potential impact on business viability and job security is also a serious cause for concern."

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