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Irvine Partners is a Public Relations & Integrated Marketing Agency with offices in London, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi, Lagos and Accra.
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Micro-investment 101Saving may be the last thing on many people's minds as the cost of living soars - rising fuel costs and electricity tariff hikes are just some of the household expenses burning holes in many consumers' pockets. 10 May 2022 Read more

Save time with these one-stop digital solutionsIn our fast-paced lives, time is the one commodity we don't have a lot of to spare. And, as the pandemic has shown us, when we do have some spare time, we would rather spend it with family and friends than on time-consuming and often onerous tasks like banking, saving or filling in forms. 22 Apr 2022 Read more

Games have the power to inspire a culture of entrepreneurship amongst young peopleYouth unemployment has reached dire levels in South Africa and over the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has further exposed young South Africans to extreme economic shock and insecurities. The combined effect of unemployment with the economically devastating impact of Covid-19, now more than ever, requires South Africa to find innovative ways to drive transformative change amongst young people who are struggling to find formal employment. 29 Mar 2022 Read more

Activists publish list of Ukrainian civilians abducted by Russian forces as part of campaign to free 'The Taken'A leading Ukrainian human rights organisation, Human Rights Centre Zmina, has today published a list of civilians that have been abducted by the Russian government and is demanding for their immediate release. Zmina alleges that the Russian government is responsible for targeted abductions to silence key voices and intimidate Ukrainian civilians. 29 Mar 2022 Read more

On the CCMA vaccination dismissal ruling: Employers should be cautious in celebrating the outcome of GoldrushThe recent CCMA ruling that looked at the fairness of a dismissal of an employee refusing to vaccinate, the first of such cases, has sparked a growing and interesting debate regarding the ways in which employee-vaccination-related dismissals could be handled within corporate South Africa. 28 Mar 2022 Read more

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