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[Learn Accounting] It's about people, team fit and technology

At Tuesday's Learn Accounting launch at the University of Cape Town's School of Economics, Jacqui Kew, Associate Professor at the UCT College of Accounting, explained that students are of the mindset that achieving very high marks is the most important thing...
Jacqui Kew, Associate Professor at the UCT College of Accounting.
Jacqui Kew, Associate Professor at the UCT College of Accounting.
"But," she said, "as soon as we get out into the workplace we actually realise that people or team fit is the most important thing. And I kind of thought about that, and I thought: people, team fit and technology; and that seemed like such a brilliant way for me to really explain what I think this project is all about."

Learn Accounting, aka Bukela Ufunde, developed by the college, in partnership with Fasset (Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority) and GetSmarter, uses short concept videos in English, isiZulu and isiXhosa; allowing greater access to the language of accounting by bridging the language divide - building a bridge between a student's first language and English.

"A student can read in English, listen in their home language and then create the bridge so that when they write their assessments they will also become familiar with both what it really means, as well as how to express it in English," explains Kew.

A sort of grey accountant mantle

"The project has also allowed us to shrug off maybe in a little way a sort of grey accountant mantle and find far more creative and different ways to explain concepts," she said.

It's the college's mission to contribute meaningfully to the transformation of the accounting profession. Long term this sees eight-minute video clips and tutorials replacing the traditional big theatre lecture. According to MC and Head of the College of Accounting, Professor Mark Graham, "Real teaching takes place in small groups."

"We tend to invite students into our classes, our lecturing space which tends to be a lot more traditional," said Kew. "Maybe it's time to start exploring the world in which our students actually operate, and maybe adapt ourselves and allow them to influence, maybe it will transform what really should be their learning space."

[Learn Accounting] It's about people, team fit and technology

Prof Graham concluded, "I think we've seen the future of education."

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