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Online learning: Fundamentally part of the 21st century digital era

Online learning has become the 'new normal', but how can both learners and instructors make a success of it?...

Issued by Gordon Institute of Business Science 2 days ago

Things to consider before selecting an online institution

Education experts have urged parents and students to carefully consider an institution and its programmes before signing up for online or distance learning...

17 Feb 2021

2030 Disruptive Leadership: Omni receives South African Council for Educators endorsement

In 2020, Omni undertook to proactively engage with the South African Council for Educators (Sace) to endorse its 2030 Disruptive Leadership Curriculum...

Issued by Omni HR Consulting 16 Feb 2021

Unlocking potential through digital learning

According to, remote digital working and learning is likely to remain for years to come...

Issued by Black Wolf Agency 15 Feb 2021

Teaching and learning in the new norm

Online learning has fantastic benefits for learners and educators. On 5 October each year, we celebrate World Teachers Day...

Issued by Rosebank College 12 Feb 2021

Exclusive Teacha! Education Report gives a voice to SA teachers

Newest Teacha! Magazine empowers teachers with information and insight...

Issued by Snapplify 10 Feb 2021

4 e-learning trends to help your business succeed in 2021

With almost 100% of in-person programmes cancelled or postponed in an attempt to curb the spread of Covid-19, business learnings were one of the most affected activities when lockdown was implemented. However, many businesses have embraced e-learning to ensure they remain competitive...

By Michael Gullan 5 Feb 2021

Tips from a distance learning graduate

Online learning is the new norm. We at IIE Rosebank College have long embraced online and blended learning, launching our first blended learning campus in Polokwane in 2015...

Issued by Rosebank College 3 Feb 2021

Annual e-Learning Indaba shifts online this February

The annual e-Learning Indaba will run a little differently this year, in the form of free, monthly Zoom sessions...

2 Feb 2021

How blockchain could help the world meet the UN's global goals in higher education

Improving quality of life for people globally means investing in education...

By Rory McGreal 20 Jan 2021

Why online learning should be prioritised as a primary method of education

Online learning should be prioritised as the primary method of learning in the country following the postponement of the reopening of schools, says distance educator Brainline...

18 Jan 2021

#BizTrends2021: 3 online high school trends gaining traction this year

With the growth of online schools, access to international curricula is not only in higher demand, but is becoming increasingly easier to access...

By Rebecca Pretorius 14 Jan 2021

Why SA is well-equipped to compete in the global knowledge economy, especially the education space

South Africa has unique challenges in the education space. We spend a vast amount of money on both basic and higher education, yet our results are still very poor...

By Glenn Gillis 8 Jan 2021

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