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Supa Quick plants back into SA's forests with newly-launched campaign

Tyre fitment centre group Supa Quick has launched its Tree O'Clock campaign through which it is committing to planting a tree for every hour that it is open over the course of 2022, amounting to 2,609 trees and an additional 1,000 trees in the remainder of 2021.
Wynand Viljoen, Supa Quick area manager and Carla Wessels from Greenpop. | Source: Supplied
Wynand Viljoen, Supa Quick area manager and Carla Wessels from Greenpop. | Source: Supplied

In a donation of over R433,000 to non-profit organisation Greenpop, or R120 per tree, Supa Quick’s contribution will go towards compensating for their carbon footprint. Each tree planted sequesters approximately 10kg of carbon dioxide per year for a total of 39 tons per year for all the trees planted.

Contributing to SA’s strategy to cut carbon emissions

The South African Government’s Low Emission Development Strategy (LEDS) has set the ambitious target for the economy to move towards ultimately reaching a net zero economy by 2050. To achieve this, a variety of measures need to be taken, including technological changes, innovative waste management and rehabilitation of the environment and the large-scale planting of trees plays a crucial role in carbon mitigation.

Contributing to this, Greenpop has been planting trees since 2010 starting from its first small-scale reforestation and alien clearing project in Africa’s southernmost forest, the Platbos Forest Reserve, collaborating with nature conservancies, private landowners, and key stakeholders.

Greenpop’s work has expanded to include over 150,000 trees planted in reforestation and urban greening projects in South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania and by 2030, the project plans to have put 1 million trees in the ground.

Yolandi Grundeling, Supa Quick brand manager, said the company recognises “the global climate crisis facing humanity and environmental sustainability has to be an integral part of how we do business across our entire supply chain and the ecology of South Africa”.

“In partnering with Greenpop, we are able to make a substantial impact on the environment through trees, which provide a vital function to both people, wildlife and the planet as a whole, acting as a cleanser of the air and water while providing a vital source of food,” Grundeling adds.
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