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    Four simple ways to reduce employee turnover

    It's never been more important for business owners and managers to hold onto the employees they have; losing key members can leave a business short-staffed and may also interfere with organisational goals that require the contribution of a full team.
    Four simple ways to reduce employee turnover
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    In today’s world of young employees with higher expectations than ever before, managers need to counteract all of this bad news by doing the things that motivate and inspire employees.

    To stay on the good side of employees and make them think twice before they drop you, here are four strategies to apply:

    1. Establish a good work cultureIt is said that people never leave companies – they leave managers and colleagues. If the working environment is not healthy or enjoyable, that can bring down employee morale. It goes without saying that the manager also needs to be an example of the behaviour that he or she seeks. Nothing will kill your credibility faster than the attitude of "do as I say, not as I do."

    2. Prioritise developmentYoung people today love to learn new things, so your training and coaching needs to be completely up to scratch. Help them, teach them new tricks, and enable them achieve their best potential, and they will remain loyal.

    3. Offer an empowering environmentEmpowerment and a sense of "ownership" are also very important. Give people the freedom to make decisions, and foster an entrepreneurial environment by asking them, "If this was your business, what would YOU do?" This can make a huge difference. And remember, empowerment is not about just letting go but also being on hand to offer advice and support. It’s about acting like the world’s best sports coach.

    4. Have empathyIf there is one thing that people need in what can seem like an indifferent and alienated world, it’s a boss who really understands them. Remember that the opposite of love is not hate: it is apathy. Ask about their work, their families and any challenges they may be facing.

    About Aki Kalliatakis

    Aki Kalliatakis is the Managing Partner of The Leadership LaunchPad, a business focused on customer loyalty and radical marketing. Contact him on +27 (0)83 379 3466, +27 (0)11 640-3958 or az.oc.noci@remotsuc. Follow @akikalliatakis on Twitter.

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