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5 plugins to improve the functionality of your WordPress website

Since launching in 2003, WordPress (an open-source CMS - content management system) has made exceptional headway. In fact, the platform underpins 40% of online live websites, with more than 500 new WordPress sites being built every day. Naturally, software developers are constantly creating new WordPress plugins or upgrading their existing ones, thus users can now 'pick and choose' between 55,000 plugins.
5 plugins to improve the functionality of your WordPress website

The right plugin can add a lot of value to your website. The only problem is, where do you begin?

Here are a few of our current favourite plugins and how they can help your WordPress website functionality:

  1. Yoast SEO can assist with website optimisation

    Did you know that only 5% of the search results shown are paid ads? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is still the best thing you can do for your website’s organic search ranking. If you are completely in the dark as to where to start, or if you need some helpful pointers, try Yoast SEO.

    Yoast SEO is a website content optimisation plugin that gives tips on how to improve SEO. This plugin also analyses your website’s content readability, thereby making it easier for you to see how your improvements are affecting your SEO optimisation.

  2. Elementor customises design - no code needed

    Over the years you’ve spent a lot of money on designing and building your brand. Yet between all of the WordPress templates that are available none of them really fit with this brand. What can you do? Try Elementor!

    Elementor is a visual page builder that helps you create hover effects, background overlays and animations without having to know anything about the code.

  3. Smush helps reduce file sizes

    Online visitors are unable to physically handle and inspect your products, that’s why it is essential to showcase what you sell in ‘all its glory’. Unfortunately, all those files can end up slowing down your website... and, as we all know… a slow website is an instant customer-repellent.

    Reducing each file’s size is an administrative nightmare unless you use Smush to help you out. This plugin will automatically compress and optimise your files for the web.

  4. Bloom creates an engaging email list that will encourage subscriptions

    Email marketing is still the bee’s knees, it’s just incredibly difficult (and against the POPIA Act) to engage – via email - with an individual that didn’t opt-in to hear from you. But why would you want to send your marketing messages to random people when creating your own opted-in email lists are well-targeted, personal, and effective?

    Subscribers to your email lists want to hear from you. This means they are the best leads you can have. It is time to spend more time building those email lists and Bloom can help. Bloom takes email lists to the next level with over 100 templates to choose from.

  5. Netcash Shop to start selling online

    Online shopping in South Africa grew by 66% between 2019 and 2020. While the pandemic may be behind this sudden upturn, analysts are positive that the momentum will continue. If you aren’t selling online yet, Netcash Shop could be the best news you hear all year and, it’s just in time for the biggest retail shopping time of the year!

    Netcash Shop is a full circle eCommerce-solution (like WooCommerce and Shopify), which can be plugged into any WordPress website. From the 1-admin panel, you can manage your products’ catalogue, orders, marketing, payments, shipping and more.

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