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Deloitte adds a touch of Alchemy to SA's executive education industry

The Deloitte Alchemy School of Management has officially launched, strengthening South Africa's executive education sector. According to the dean, Dr Martyn Davies, the school provides bespoke executive education for senior executives and leaders of organisations.
Deloitte adds a touch of Alchemy to SA's executive education industry
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“Having assessed the market and consulted with our clients, we identified an opportunity to channel our extensive, global intellectual property (IP) and real-world experience into a format that will help our clients improve their competitiveness,” says Davies.

Davies believes that combining Deloitte’s practical business knowledge with experiential and immersive experiences will create a compelling differentiator for Deloitte Alchemy School of Management in the marketplace.

He says the school’s executive education programmes are customised, immersive and experiential, aimed at senior executives and leaders of organisations from the private and public sector.

“We offer a bespoke learning experience that intersects innovative ideas and practical implementation, collaborative learning tools for personalised mentoring and leadership pathing as well as development of individuals to improve effectiveness of teams and amplify organisational functionality.”

Flagship programme

Deloitte Alchemy will be offering its flagship open programme, the Global Executive Leadership Programme (GELP) in 2020, which is a future-focused, experiential and contextual education programme on the digital evolution.

“Participants will be exposed to some of the world’s best academic minds and most innovative companies over a four-week period that takes place in international destinations such as Israel and the United Kingdom.”

Davies says GELP places an emphasis on the impact of digital on business models, while providing a deep and immersive world-class learning experience. An individual executive coach is assigned to delegates, and dedicated one-on-one sessions are scheduled over the course of the programme.

Key topics covered include leadership in a digital world, group dynamics and coaching, personal resilience, international business, competitiveness, future of work, innovation, strategic design-making, digital marketing and branding, and the fourth industrial revolution.

Customised programmes

While GELP is its flagship programme, one of Deloitte Alchemy’s key differentiators is its ability to provide programmes customised to clients’ specific requirements.

“Unlike many other current offerings our programmes are not cut-and-paste, off-the-shelf applications. Our programmes are agile and flexible and created through a collaborative process with our clients to ensure they are 100% tailor-made for their unique requirements at a granular level,” says Davies.

He adds that all of Deloitte Alchemy’s programmes draw on the global firm’s significant and ever-growing store of high impact thought leadership, most notably Deloitte Insights, a thought leadership channel for insightful and engaging content on topics that are highly relevant to senior management and executives.

“Our clients are exposed to our evidence-based, unbiased thinking from around the world. Our thought leadership underpins all our executive education programmes,” Davies says. “By being part of the largest professional services firm in the world, Deloitte Alchemy’s access to leading insights across geographies and breadth of intellectual property will ensure our faculty is world-class.”

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