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#MandelaMonth: Katlego Maboe on the RACE (against time)

Well-loved presenter Katlego Maboe, best known for co-hosting on Expresso, recently wrote and recorded a song with the aim to raise awareness and funds for the Anti-Racism Network South Africa (ARNSA). The song, 'RACE (against time)', will be available for download for R10 on Mandela Day, 18 July. We got in touch with Katlego for #MandelaMonth to find out more.
BizcommunityCan you talk us through the process of writing and recording RACE (against time)?

The idea was born from the thought that we are running out of time to fix this issue and that if we wait too long we might have the ticking time-bomb explode.

The lyrical writing process was focused on creating space in which to open dialogue regarding issues while reflecting on those who have shown us the way – icons like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Desmond Tutu and Ghandi to mention a few. The lyrics also paint imagery of iconic moments in our own South African story (“A race against time, for freedom so divine, waiting in line…”) referring to the 1994 elections for instance.

The process of recording, once the tracks were laid down, was rather quick. We finished the vocal session in a three hour session at the studio and two weeks later, after recording, we had a full track.

#MandelaMonth: Katlego Maboe on the RACE (against time)

BizcommunityWhat does Mandela Day mean to you?

A time to reflect on the struggles of our freedom fighters, to question whether I am continuing in their legacy by ensuring that I uphold their ideals of a free, fair and democratic South Africa.

BizcommunityBesides initiatives like this, how best do you see our country addressing racism?

Getting young people involved in forums where dialogue is encouraged, opinions are shared and issues addressed. It’s the young people we need to focus on. We need to empower their thought processes and allow them to create the world they want to live in.

BizcommunityWhat do you love about being South African?

We live in a country that is the melting pot of culture and every day there’s an opportunity for one to learn so much about other people’s cultures and thus enrich one’s own life experience.

BizcommunityThere are so many new career options and paths for young people today. What would be your advice for any youngsters trying to forge their own way?

Find your passion first. We live in a world where tomorrow you could be working in a job that doesn’t even exist today. Allowing your career to be driven by passion will ensure that you lead a fulfilled life that has purpose and leaves a lasting legacy.

#MandelaMonth: Katlego Maboe on the RACE (against time)

BizcommunityIf you could describe working on Expresso in one word or sentence what would it be?


BizcommunityWhat are you planning for Mandela Day?

I’ll be travelling to Durban for a corporate function, but will carry the spirit of the day with me throughout.

Pre-order RACE (Against Time) here

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