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Kevin Fraser brings his Drop the Pressure! Tour to SA

The Kevin Fraser SA tour has been postponed to October and November 2020, due to the Covid-19 outbreak. YouTube sensation Kevin Fraser - who is famously known for his takes on life as a South African ex-pat in Australia - is set to bring his Drop the Pressure! Tour to his home country. He will share his unique perspective on the world at the Zip Zap Circus School at the Artscape in Cape Town on 28 March; the Olive Convention Centre in Durban on 4 April; the Atterbury Theatre in Pretoria on 16 April; and the Big Top Arena at Carnival City Casino in Johannesburg on 18 April.

After his move to Australia in 2014, DJ/comedian Fraser began releasing videos about his experience as an ex-pat through the guise of stereotypical South African personas. The success of these videos was instantaneous, and his fan base exploded.

Kevin Fraser brings his Drop the Pressure! Tour to SA

He has repeatedly broken the one million view mark with his videos “South African Supermarkets”, ''The Melbourne Train Ride”, “Hairdressers”, and his video that went viral, known as “The Gym Video” from his car. This pushed him to take to the stage with his fusion of music and comedy creating truly inimitable performances.

As Fraser says: “At one point you’re planning the future. The next minute you’re trying to survive the present. It’s a vicious world out there and the pressure is coming from every angle.”

Primarily known as the guy on the internet who sweeps across people’s feeds with his impressions on the daily struggles of life, he now trots the globe, delivering comedy to every nook and cranny he visits.

Kevin Fraser fans can expect a whirlwind of events as he unearths his frustrations on even the simplest issues of the day to day life, eventually realising that there is a dire need to simply Drop The Pressure!

Event info:

Date: Saturday 28 March
Venue: Zip Zap Circus School- Artscape Cape Town
Times: 21h00-22:30pm
Tickets: From R260 via

Date: Saturday 4 April
Venue: Olive Convention Centre Durban
Times: 20h00-21h30
Tickets: From R220 at Computicket

Date: Thursday 16 April
Venue: Atterbury Theatre - Pretoria
Times: 20h00-21h30
Tickets: R290 from

Date: Saturday 18th April
Venue: Big Top Arena, Carnival City Casino, Brakpan GP.
Times: Show 20h00-21h30
Tickets: From R220 at Computicket.

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