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#BizTrends2020: The rise of essentialism, mindfulness and Boomer apps

I predict we will see a rise of essentialism and discernment, mindfulness and wholesomeness, and Boomer apps over the course of 2020.
Boniswa Pezisa, CEO of Net#work BBDO.
Boniswa Pezisa, CEO of Net#work BBDO.

1. Essentialism

As the world continues to straddle socio-economic pressures and the continued tech-evolution, marketing-led growth will only strive through essentialism and discernment.

Leigh Andrews, editor-in-chief of marketing and media at Bizcommunity.
#BizTrends2018: Rewind from attention spam back to attention span

One of the biggest trends we're set to see this year is a plethora of marketing messages facing ever-decreasing attention from consumers. Take note of the clever planning required for yours to stand out from the snowballing amount of spam...

Leigh AndrewsBy Leigh Andrews 8 Jan 2018

Brands cannot continue to be all things to all people, neither can they continue to spray and drown consumers in too much information and a plethora of data accompanied by a tsunami of visuals.

Brands need to get back to being the beacons of light that help consumers navigate their busy lives, by simplifying their offerings, communications as well as adopting focused targeting.

Practically everything is unimportant
Practically everything is unimportant

I'm convinced that the biggest favour we can do ourselves, and the people and things we care about, is to separate the 'trivial many' from the 'essential few' - whether in your professional, social or personal life...

By Dina De Vine, Issued by Mortimer Harvey 6 Oct 2016

Too many SKUs are becoming meaningless as the consumers feel the financial and time pressures to live meaningful lives. Therefore, as consumers adopt discernment and essentialism, brands and marketing will have to trim and adapt their offerings accordingly.

Apps for apps-sakes will not work, they need to add value in the lives of consumers, they need help simplify lives that have been complicated by the gluttony of information, tech, and broad offerings [many SKUs]. That is why apps like Blinkist are gaining popularity at the top-end of the market.

Data: Avoiding the blind spot
Data: Avoiding the blind spot

Data, data and more data - sometimes it can show you the light but it can often leave you with more questions than answers. It can reveal different things, depending on which way you twist and torture it...

Riaan SunnyBy Riaan Sunny, Issued by Mark1 18 Jun 2015

The education space is already seeing some of these new tech-tools that are helping learners and parents to navigate the complex world of learning in a world that has been overtaken by infobesity. Students and learners also need to practice discernment when researching subjects and topics.

This is where the trend of essentialism is also beginning to gain momentum. While in business, spam and clutter has been recognised as not the avenue for increasing business knowledge but rather as a nuisance and most organisations are beginning to block it out.

2. Mindfulness and wholesomeness

Wellness and healthy living have been growing in leaps and bounds, however mindfulness is becoming a critical part of being wholesome. The awareness of a healthy mind is a new topic that is occupying not only the C-suite, but across various levels of the human capital floor.

#BizTrends2019: Key trends in wellness and ethical retail for 2019
#BizTrends2019: Key trends in wellness and ethical retail for 2019

The focus of innovation in the conscious consumption space is certainly not trend based. The environmental and health issues facing the planet are so pressing...

Robyn SmithBy Robyn Smith 24 Jan 2019

In the schooling sector, the concept of a Montessori or the concept of developing a child as a whole being is getting focused attention.
Mindfulness is becoming the new world order as the human race realises that the crafting and moulding of a conscientious human race is critical for its survival.
The workplace is also beginning to awaken to caring about the holistic wellbeing of its talent and employees. Spirituality, yoga, sleep therapy, breathing techniques plus other holistic techniques that foster mindfulness and conscious awareness are becoming part of organisational rituals and behaviours that organisations are realising are critical to better levels of productivity and output.

Tumelo Mojapelo, head of content at Flux Trends Analysis
#BizTrends2018: Mind, body and soul - holistic health is the theme of the year

Last year saw all things focused on wellness go mainstream as the public became aware of the benefits of being physically fit and healthy...

By Tumelo Mojapelo 9 Jan 2018

We are seeing the C-suite beginning to indulge in power-naps and meditation during working hours as part of boosting attention, stimulating mental awareness and improving executive output.

The growth of breathing and meditation apps to improve mental awareness and the quality of life are some of the tools that are harnessing the growth of this trend.

Is meditation the push-up for the brain?
Is meditation the push-up for the brain?

Two years ago, researchers at UCLA found that specific regions in the brains of long-term meditators were larger and had more grey matter than the brains of individuals...

By Mark Wheeler 14 Jul 2011

Further developing breathing, yoga, sleeping, meditation apps and the like in order to facilitate high-levels of conscious awareness is testament to this growing trend, as well as the combination of restaurants that incorporate mindfulness in their offerings.

The advent of smart phones, makes all of these rituals far more accessible to society and employers through better employee engagement, are realising the need to facilitate mindfulness in the workplace as part of the employee package and benefits.

6 key factors of workplace wellness
6 key factors of workplace wellness

Wellness at work is a increasingly dominant theme in any discussion about the workplace but for many it's a broad buzzphrase without much science behind it...

22 May 2018

We will see office spaces being designed to facilitate and cultivate mindfulness, because the more wholesome and mindful their talent, the higher and better will be the quality of productivity and output.

3. Boomer apps

With hundreds of Baby Boomers retiring daily, the first generation to retire with a sound knowledge and understanding of tech and the world of apps makes it is inevitable that new apps will be developed for this generation, in order to improve its quality of life as it ages.

Image source: Gallo/Getty Images.
'OK Boomer' and the great generational stand-off

The generational face-off when grandpa and junior go head-to-head over which generation has it better (Mine. No, mine. No, MINE)...

2 Dec 2019

American retirement villages are already seeing a new phenomenon of Boomer apps such as ‘Papa Pals’, an app that connects younger people, often college students in need of extra-income, enabling them to:
  1. Provide rides for senior citizens
  2. Teach Boomers further tech understanding and usage of other technological gadgets
  3. Provide companionship for the elderly, to alleviate loneliness
This is a new class of care-giving that will change the face of the nursing home for the elderly.

From Boomers to snowflakes - can we all just get along?
From Boomers to snowflakes - can we all just get along?

The phrase "OK, Boomer" reached a high point recently when it was used in parliament by a 25-year-old New Zealand politician in response to being heckled by an older colleague...

18 Nov 2019

The advent of AI fused with autonomous driving can open up a whole new world for the caring facilities of the elderly who are tech-savvy.

2020 could be the year where we see a plethora of these tech tools that are designed to enhance the lives and living experience of these tech-savvy senior citizens.

The generation gap - Who is who?
The generation gap - Who is who?

Media strategist, Belinda Kayton, looks at the differences between Xers and millennials and highlights quite a few differences...

Belinda KaytonBy Belinda Kayton 31 Oct 2018

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