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Thoughts around the effect the liquor ban is having on our industry

The South African liquor industry is a major force in the South African economy. It provides employment and income to thousands, and makes a substantial contribution to tax revenue and export earnings for South Africa.
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Source: ©portokalis - 123RF

So another national booze ban – even one as short as two weeks – can have tremendous knock-on effects.

Earlier this week, chairperson of the Craft Brewers Association of South Africa (CBASA), Wendy Pienaar expressed her concern for the local liquor industry, “small businesses are sitting with large amounts of debt, continuing expenses (including licensing fees which have not been extended, despite the loss in trading days), no income and no financial help on the horizon. It is a recipe for disaster for any small business.”

Lend a hand through partnership, promotion

The e-commerce industry can help by utilising their platforms and reach and make the liquor lockdown manageable for both buyer and seller.

By partnering with, and promoting small and local liquor businesses, the e-commerce industry can act as a selling platform now, with deferred delivery when the ban is lifted. This offers the likes of wine farms, which rely heavily on foot traffic for sales, some form of trade until such time that they are allowed to reopen.

Smaller liquor businesses and wine farms are often the hardest hit, as they cannot stay out of operation indefinitely. For this reason, and given the immediate turnaround adaptability afforded by e-commerce, online stores should be quick to provide both an outlet for those suppliers affected by the ban, as well as offering something for the liquor enthusiast to look forward to.

OneDayOnly will continue running daily liquor deals as well as Wine Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday and Festive Friday promotions and will deliver once the lockdown lifts in the hope of assisting local farms and businesses with expenses and staff costs.

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