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Tips for finding a job you'll love

Remember when you were younger and adults would ask you what you wanted to be when you grow up? Well, chances are that your plans have changed since then, and you now know the profession you wish to pursue. But you don't just want any job - you want one you'll love.

Tips for finding a job you'll love

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s possible! Here a few tips that can help you find a job that’s best suited for you:

Educate yourself about the field

So, you’ve decided on the career field you want to enter, now what? Do as much research as possible around it to find out what skills are essential to be successful in that field, what others have to say about it, and what you can expect to earn in the first few years of entry.

Doing this can give you industry knowledge that you can share in future interviews and it may help you confirm if the field you’re interested in is what you really want to pursue.

Research various companies

Do your research on companies that offer jobs in the field you want to enter. Find out if there are opportunities for growth if their culture fits your personality and what their values and mission are. After your research, you’ll have an understanding of how the company is structured and whether it’s a legitimate business.

You can get this information and more by checking their website and/or social media pages. The best part about this is that you’ll know more than enough about a company when it’s time for your interview, which could increase your chances of being hired!

Connect with the right people online

By right people, we mean the people who can point you in the right direction in the field you’re interested in. Make connections on LinkedIn with people that have the job you’re considering and let them know that you’d like to enter the same field as theirs. Who knows? Maybe they’ll let you know when their company has an opening. Just remember to write a nice introductory message when you ‘cold connect’ with them, else they may just dismiss your connection request.

Customise your CV

Research the skills of the job you’re interested in and, if you possess them, add them to your CV according to your level of expertise. It’s also important to get rid of any outdated or irrelevant information on it. The last thing you’d want to do is bore your potential employer, so impress them with a CV that has skills and information that they want to read. And if you don’t have the relevant skills, get to work and start collecting these skills! Just remember, that if you’ve decided to start advertising you

Consider working for free

Job seeking can be quite a stressful journey, especially if none of the companies you applied for are getting back to you. Well, why not get back to them with an offer they probably won’t refuse? Working for free is no one’s first choice, but it can be quite beneficial, especially if it’s a company you really want to work for.

It gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills, work ethic and personality, while also gaining essential knowledge and experience. This is a good chance to put in your best efforts and impress your potential employer so that they have no choice but to give you a job. However, it’s also a good way to keep yourself occupied until you find a paying job.

When you’re looking for a job, you’ll likely be travelling quite a bit as you’ll be attending interviews or handing in your CV in person. So, make sure that you’re up to date with your car insurance premiums; this way you’ll be covered if anything unexpected happens during these trips.

We wish you the best on finding the job of your dreams, don’t give up and remember to live your way!

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