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No woman is just one woman

Bata continues its message of empowerment and acceptance on International Women's Day 2019
Bata, the globally renowned footwear company, is supporting International Women’s Day with its ongoing campaign encouraging women to be self-accepting and to acknowledge that no woman is just one woman. Its latest advertising campaign is entitled ‘All shades of me’ and is shot in edgy black & white to show that women are not just black or white but a whole spectrum of shades.

The brand first started on this journey when it released its video manifesto in 2017. The 58-second video urged women everywhere, no matter their size, shape or colour, to be proud and to be comfortable with themselves. Indeed, "Me & Comfortable With It" became the brand’s tagline.

Aware that the fashion industry constantly reinforces the importance of physical beauty, Bata wants to challenge that and believes that it is much more important to project a message of self-acceptance, diversity and inclusivity, and to foster positivity, rather than to concentrate on physical appearance.

Bata’s latest advertising campaign, set to coincide with International Women’s Day, features a woman in a trouser suit, with the voiceover stating all the different roles this woman plays: a boss, a leader, a mother, a wife, a lover. “This is the reality,” says Barbati Chadova, Head of Global Marketing. “We all play multiple roles, all of the time. But we don’t have to conform to how others want us to be. You know your own truth. Be who you are and be comfortable with it.”

The campaign features Bata’s B-Flex range of shoes, with the hero of the story wearing Farrah, a versatile, premium leather, peep-toe boot.

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About Bata

Founded in 1894, Bata is the world’s leading shoemaker by volume. Proven innovators, Bata produces shoes that are bang on-trend whilst prioritising comfort. Bata is a family-owned business serving more than one million customers a day in 5,300 stores and producing locally in 23 Bata-owned manufacturing facilities across five continents. Bata operates in almost 100 countries around the world, and with 220 million pairs of shoes sold every year, it ranks among the largest global shoe brands.

Bata's press office

Bata customers are individuals with unique lifestyle and also specific taste in shoes and are comfortable with who they are. Bata has a worldwide reach, with operations across 5 continents managed by four Regional Meaningful Business Units.