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Bic Clic celebrates 60 years

The Bic Clic ballpoint pen celebrates 60 years of smooth writing by releasing a limited edition silver and gold Bic Clic pen pack that benefits underprivileged children.
Bic Clic celebrates 60 yearsThe traditional ‘click to write’ pen has a significant presence as a staple part of every South African’s stationery collection from students to office workers and everyone in between.

As part of the 60th celebrations, for every specially marked pen pack that is purchased, Bic is donating pens to underprivileged children and already five million pens have been given away. A pen symbolises intellect and potential that can be realised with the help of a solid education and the brand positions itself strongly in the promotion of education.

Marcel Bich, founder of the Bic Company, was born in Turin on 29 July 1914. In 1944, with his business partner Edouard Buffard, he bought an empty factory in Clichy, near Paris and there, started to manufacture parts for writing instruments. He then discovered the huge potential of the ball pen and in December 1950, launched his own model, Bic Cristal – the first high quality affordable pen. It quickly became a success and the range extended with other models such as the Bic Clic in 1956. Between 1956 and 1960, it was introduced to France, South Africa, New Zealand and Scandinavia. Today, in these countries, it is still one of the most popular pen brands.

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