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Collaboration increases cancer treatment accessibility

Sixteen essential cancer treatment medications, including chemotherapies, are now available in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania, thanks to a new market access agreement.
Gary M Reedy, CEO at the American Cancer Society
Gary M Reedy, CEO at the American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society (ACS), the Clinton Health Access Initative (CHAI) and pharmaceutical companies, Cipla and Pfizer have joined forces to bring life-saving cancer treatment to these sub-Saharan African countries. The collaboration is part of a broader effort led by ACS and supported by CHAI to improve the market environment for cancer care in Africa.

Every person with cancer deserves access to treatment, no matter where they live, says Gary M Reedy, CEO of ACS. “Collaborating with companies like Pfizer and Cipla is a critical next step toward levelling the playing field for people with cancer and saving lives in this part of the world.”

The cancer burden is mounting in sub-Saharan Africa and deaths remain high due to late diagnosis and lack of treatment]]. In 2012, there was an estimated 626,000 new cases of cancer and 447,000 cancer deaths in the region. Deaths from cancer are expected to almost double by 2030 due to aging populations. Yet global funding for cancer prevention and treatment in lower-income countries is far lower than other diseases including HIV, malaria and tuberculosis, amounting to less than 2% of global health spending.

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