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Designed for a purpose

In today's increasingly conscious world, the concept of sustainability has transcended mere buzzwords to become a central pillar of responsible business practices. Sustainable packaging, an integral component of this paradigm shift, addresses the environmental impact of packaging materials and processes, aiming to strike a harmonious balance between economic interests and environmental considerations.
Designed for a purpose

At Mpact Plastics, we strive to create continuous awareness around the options available to brand owners, which offer maximum environmental benefit. In South Africa everyone in the value chain is compelled to comply with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), which creates accountability for the afterlife of packaging products.

Mpact Plastics’ customised generic packaging was designed to optimise recycling. However, there are much more added benefits that positively impact customers. Not only is there a cost saving in terms of the initial investment in moulds, but also, generic packaging is often the more cost-effective option, due to economies of scale. Being produced in larger quantities, production costs are kept at bay due to fewer mould and material changes in the convertor’s factory. Moving towards a generic design also affords smaller and well-established brands the benefits of stock availability, shorter production and delivery lead times; and improved cashflow due to more frequent, smaller order volumes.

Packaging plays a multifaceted role in the modern consumer-oriented society. It safeguards products, enhances brand visibility, and provides crucial information to consumers. With Mpact Plastics’ generic customised packaging options, brands can display their brand identity by adding colour, decoration and embossing variations which represent unique brand elements and features.

At Mpact Plastics, we constantly find solutions to reduce the cost without reducing the quality.

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Mpact is the largest paper and plastics packaging and recycling business in Southern Africa. Our integrated business model is uniquely focused on closing the loop in plastic and paper packaging through recycling and beneficiation of recyclables.
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