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Promotions get SA's price-sensitive consumers shopping

The chaotic scenes of frantic shoppers taking advantage of promotions on the opening day of The Mall of Africa in Gauteng was proof that despite South Africa's tight economic conditions, local shoppers retain their appetite for promotions and special offers.
Promotions get SA's price-sensitive consumers shopping
This fact is backed by Nielsen’s annual study, South African Shopper Trends 2015/2016. The study reveals that promotion-seeking behaviour is high, with consumers actively looking for offers within their repertoire of grocery retailers. In terms of their sensitivity to promotions, the highest number (36%) said they seldom change stores but actively search for promotions when shopping, while the second highest number (22%) regularly buy different brands because of promotions.

The strength of Neilsen’s study is its carefully balanced representation of income, age and gender across the country. Additionally, it is drawn from a highly robust national sample of 2,524 main grocery buyers and influencers, and is based on in-depth, face-to-face interviews.

Promotions get SA's price-sensitive consumers shopping
The team at Pyrotec PackMedia knows how important packaging is for communicating promotions in a space that matters the most – in store. While above-the-line marketing can raise awareness about promotions and drive people to the store, packaging is often one of the final opportunities to convert awareness into sales. Adding an on-pack device, such as Pyrotec PackMedia’s Fix-a-Form® Promotional Booklet Labels, ElastiTag® or ElastiTote®, considerably enhances a product’s ability to grab shoppers’ attention.

Both the Fix-a-Form® Promotional Booklet Label and ElastiTag® are ideal for swaying price-sensitive shoppers. They work exceptionally well for on-pack promotions such as discount coupons, special offers and competitions.

Another way to get consumers’ attention is to sell with a sample using Pyrotec PackMedia’s ElastiTote®. Including free samples on-pack is a great way to maximise packaging space, incentivise purchases and cross-sell by encouraging consumers to trial other products in a range.

As is revealed in Nielsen’s South African Shopper Trends 2015/2016 report, consumers are enticed by price and promotion and are willing to go the extra mile to get a better deal. However, quality remains significant and brands that continue to delight their customers will reap the benefit of being chosen, thus the value proposition will always remain more than just the actual price.

Pyrotec specialises in industry-leading product identification solutions. Our extensive service offering includes a comprehensive range of coding and labelling equipment, on-pack identification, informational and promotional devices, and self-adhesive products for offices and homes.

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