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Be POZitive!

Where there is a will, there is always a way! From pushing trolleys in Green Market Square to waitering in Caprice, a well-known Cape Town establishment, Chris Achola has not only turned into a Black entrepreneur, but he has become an inspirational mentor to the society.
Be POZitive!
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When a close family member confided her HIV status to him in 2003, he was touched, saddened and motivated to get to the bottom of the AIDS issue. He embarked on the long journey that would eventually lead him to POZnews.

With the help and assistance of David Raad, the owner of Caprice, POZnews is launching their first magazine focusing on medical-health issues from HIV to measles, from malaria to pneumonia, to inspirational stories of people living with infectious diseases.

This young, diverse team has beaten all odds and put together a magazine which shows South Africa what we can achieve if we work together, regardless of age, sexuality, race, religion and gender.

Aiming to take on HIV

The magazine aims to set fire to the current HIV statistics! We are here to change the negative stigma attached to HIV/AIDS by informing and entertaining South Africans with relevant and handy information. It will be offering daily news, treatment updates, personal profiles, investigative features, videos, blogs and an extensive online social network that includes, community forums and a private, peer-to-peer mentoring program.

From the newly diagnosed to long term survivors, from very young people to people aging with infectious diseases and HIV, from people in the highest tax bracket to those on disability, the magazine also aims to provide a platform for the community to speak to one another.

The magazine and website are also read by people who wish to know more about the disease, people who are considering getting tested for life-threatening diseases, people who wish to prevent themselves from getting HIV as well as the staff and management of AIDS service organizations and HIV testing sites, doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers.

Free to all

As we're getting settled in the information era in South Africa, education becomes more and more important. The first of its kind, POZnews, is a medical health magazine being distributed for free for the sole purpose of getting the right information out there.

The number of new infections will crumble and leave room for a healthier, happier and enlightened South Africa.

As diverse as the market it was created for, the magazine will be distributed freely all over Cape Town from your local doctor's waiting room to the train station in Cape Town. Loyal readers can get the magazine delivered to their door through a simple subscription process and the best part is, they only pay for postage.

When we are not reaching our readers through our monthly, glossy magazine, we are updating our website ( with quirky and eye-bugging information. New infections happen every day and just as hospitals never stop running (apart from the occasional strike!), POZnews never stops bringing the public punctual medical health information.
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