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NVIVO TV launched in Nigeria

Entertainment and content distribution in Nigeria are expected to undergo a major transformation following the official launch of Nvivo TV as part of the activities of the last 9th International Film Festival of Africa, which was held at the Landmark Event Center in Lagos.
NVIVO TV launched in Nigeria

This was an opportunity for stakeholders in the film and technology industry to attend the unveiling of the streaming platform of Envivo, a technology company specialising in digital content.

Nvivo TV is a free on-demand video streaming platform that offers diverse content from some of the world’s leading content providers. Nvivo co-founder and AFRIFF organizer Chioma Ude said AFRIFF would attract a large number of people to the industry.

Nvivo TV is pan-African and will present entertainment content from across the continent. According to the streaming service providers, it comprises a large bouquet of different kinds of television shows, mostly in short films from Nollywood that are original.


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