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Make a strong online presence with Podcast Transcription Services

Broadcasting industry has, with times, manifested itself completely. In this age of internet, radio shows and other forms of media broadcasting have gone online, and in most cases, completely and exclusively. In this fast-paced life, all we want is instant information just on-the-go, and this is where podcasts comes in to picture.

There are numerous podcasts available online; giving bits on a daily, weekly or monthly basis covering a variety of topics ranging from technology, finance, politics, movies, sports, music or video games. These podcast have one thing in common, they are available in audio or video files that can either be streamed on the go or downloaded on the device to use it at a later stage.

Make a strong online presence with Podcast Transcription Services

This is where podcast transcription comes to help - It provides a textual version of that show (audio or video version) and eventually ensures regular utilisation of the product you are broadcasting to a wider listener/viewer/reader base.

In fact, it is the real key as it decides the popularity of the show as well as the rankings on the web. Well, the tone and emotions of a speaker is impossible to capture in the text, but these days this gap has seemingly narrowed; with the use of various interactive tags and other tools.

Benefits of Podcast Transcription for online presence

A transcript of a podcast offers a verbatim written record of whatever is said during the podcast.

Podcast transcription comes in printed or documented form; this helps the Podcast producers, to perform a quick search of the text database to check if the topic is already covered.

It is one of the best ways to offer to people who are not privileged to fast internet access, or the ones with hearing impairments.

Podcast Transcription for website and SEO - its extensive benefits

Podcast transcription enables effective SEO, helping major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. to find and index the podcasts.

It's quickly available, well-formatted, web-optimised content, which comes free of cost.

SEO (search engine optimisation)

The transcripts can be used in any of your blog or website. Such richness in the content will help the search engines crawl and pick up loads of relevant content that might give a tremendous boost to your website's rankings.

Additional stuff to attract more visitors

Moreover, the transcripts can be sold to subscribers who subscribe to the podcast, and also can be given as a bonus for subscribing it.

Reach out to a wider audience

• Not everyone may want to listen to or watch your podcasts. Transcripts will help you to add an extra option for such people.
• This way you can give numerous choices for different people and ultimately widen the horizons and create a stronger base.

Subtitles, slides and videos

• Transcripts can be used to add subtitles or captions to the videos and also make a quick PowerPoint slideshow presentation.
• Podcast transcription gives a thrust to the online presence and pushes starts the profit graph upwards.

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