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#OneShow2018: SA EXCLUSIVE with Burger King!

I had the privilege of chatting to Fernando Machado, head of brand marketing of Burger King. Winner of the coveted Penta Pencil and Client of the Year at the recent One Show awards in New York as well as an additional 13 Golds, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze, 6 Merit awards.
Fernando Machado, head of brand marketing, Burger King. © Fernando Machado Twitter.
BizcommunityCongratulations Fernando, Burger King, and your agency David, had a phenomenal evening. What do these One Show awards mean for you and Burger King?

We believe great creative drives the business and the brand. The industry recognition makes our entire team and agencies very proud. It is another data point which shows we are on the right path. From experience, the more awards we get, the more great work we end up producing. People see our brand as a brand that has a big creative ambition. They get what we are trying to do. And they see Burger King as a client that believes in creativity. All these things are positive to the business and to the brand.

BizcommunityThe Penta Pencil is one that you said you are most proud of. Why?

Because I believe that client and agency partnership is critical to develop great creative work in a sustainable way. And that's the type of relationship we strive for as a client. In fact, I hate the word “client.” We see ourselves as partners working for the same brand.


#OneShow2018: Final night's results!

The second of two award nights for One Show 2018 is done and dusted, having taken place at Cipriani Wall Street earlier on Friday, 11 May, with South Africa bringing home a further 2 golds, 4 silver, 7 bronze and 26 merit awards and TBWA\Hunt Lascaris named South African agency of the year...

12 May 2018

BizcommunityYou often talk about how to be a better client. What are your principles regarding this?

I think it all starts with partnership. That's a mindset. All relationships have ups and downs. But if you are a partner, you work together to get to a better place. You trust. You listen. And that's what we try to do as much as possible on both sides. I also think great clients are able to have sharp and insightful briefs (including the creative ambition behind each brief), trust uncertainty (the best work we do is unique/different and that comes loaded with uncertainty) and find the balance between logic and magic.


#OneShow2018: Kentaro Kimura's judging pick of the day

Kentaro Kimura explains why he is thoroughly impressed by Burger King's "Scary Clown Night," created by Lola MullenLowe, Only 925, Vision Media and Weber Shandwick, in this #OneShow2018 judging pick of the day...

27 Mar 2018

BizcommunityThere is so much talk about the current state of the adverting industry. What are your views?

Well, there is a clear need for more diversity in our industry. And that's true for both advertising agencies and clients. A more diverse environment is proven to produce better business results. And a more diverse environment produces different points of view which can fuel creativity. In addition, I think we need to value ideas above technology, media channels, and anything else. I think we need to remember that we have to sell stuff.

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