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    Facebook launches Trip Consideration tool

    If you haven't already heard, Facebook recently rolled out a new ad-optimisation programme called Trip Consideration.
    Facebook launches Trip Consideration tool
    ©Viktor Gladkov via 123RF

    This fizzle of light at the end of the tunnel comes after Mark Zuckerberg announced a revamping of the newsfeed in January, to boost user content from friends and family, rather than posts from brands and companies.

    But before all Facebook marketers could celebrate a win with Trip Consideration, this new tool is only applicable to travel-related companies. The new feature will target Facebook users who have shown interest in travel ― those who have liked multiple travel pages, or have browsed several travel sites, mainly exploring the homepages.

    An opportunity to turn travel intention into conversion

    In a most recent statement made by Christine Warner, head of travel at Facebook, according to their data, there is an average of 43 days between the time that a user decides on travelling, and when they confirm the destination. It is during this 43-day window that this Trip Consideration has the most influence.

    Chelsey Hale from Big Ambitions
    Chelsey Hale from Big Ambitions

    Trip Consideration is an opportunity to turn travel intention into conversion, says Chelsey Hale from Big Ambitions, a travel and tourism marketing and content agency.

    “Working in conjunction with existing paid-ad targeting options, Trip Consideration can help tour operators, agencies, hotels and airlines reach potential customers in the early stage of their travel planning, when they first display their intent to travel, but are not quite certain yet of where they want to go and are open to being inspired.”

    “This feature can help advertisers reach a new audience as well as enhancing their existing audience. But like everything in social media, advertisers need to make sure that their targeted ad content is incredibly alluring.”

    You need to really stand out from the other travel brands that will be trying to reel in the same travellers using this feature, she adds.

    How to set up the Facebook Trip Consideration tool

    1. In Ads Manager on Facebook, select the Conversions marketing objective.
    2. At the ad set level, select your audience to define who you want to see your ads, then select your preferences in their placements.
    3. Choose your requirements under Budget and Schedule
    4. Toggle on the option to Prioritise delivery to people who plan to travel.
    5. Continue filling out your options within the Optimisation and Delivery section
    6. At the Ad level, select your Identity, Format and Links.
    7. Click Review to see your selections, or click Confirm to place your ad.

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