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Elections 2024

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    CMO Council identifies agile brands that have benefitted from opportunities during global lockdown

    The CMO Council has picked notable brand stand-outs experiencing an upturn in the global downturn.
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    Despite a vibrant world dissipating into lockdown hibernation, there have been a good number of commercial beneficiaries meeting the need for creative distraction, inventive diversion or productive interaction.

    Seed manufacturers and optics makers have been only too happy to satisfy the soaring demand for backyard bird feeders and bird watchers. TikTok has been working round-the-clock to help digitally savvy millennials create and share outrageous and engaging short-form videos about home “prison” life. And frustrated moms have been all over the Internet shopping for ways to engage bored children with arts, crafts, cooking and learning projects.

    According to the CMO Council, a global organization representing 16,000 marketing leaders in 10,000 companies worldwide, “opportunity breeds when there are transformational market needs.” While the world is in the midst of containing and emerging from the pandemic turmoil, a number of brands have benefitted from opportunities triggered by a constrained and restricted home-bound consumers and workforce.

    The CMO Council has selected 25 agile and adaptive brands seeing upturns during the economic downturns worldwide. Selections were made based on financial performance, category sector growth, product or service innovation, as well as marketing and messaging dexterity. You can view the infographic that lists the top picks here.

    1. Activision Blizzard
    2. Amazon
    3. Clorox
    4. Costco
    5. DocuSign
    6. Dollar General
    7. Domino’s Pizza
    8. eBay
    9. Etsy
    10. Facebook
    11. Google
    12. Home Depot
    13. Intel
    14. Microsoft Teams
    15. Netflix
    16. Norton LifeLock
    17. PayPal
    18. Peloton
    19. ServiceNow
    20. Shopify
    21. Slack
    22. TikTok
    23. Walmart
    24. Wayfair
    25. Zoom

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