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NYF AME Awards announces 2020 winners

New York Festivals AME Awards has announced the 2020 award winners, with AMVBBDO UK earning AME Best of Show and Regional Platinum - Europe.
NYF AME Awards announces 2020 winners

With a 21% increase over last year’s entries, this year’s international AME Awards grand jury awarded the following: AME Best of Show (Grand Award) 4 Regional AME Platinum Awards, 23 Gold AME Awards, 35 Silver AME Awards, 27 Bronze and 24 AME Finalist Certificate Awards. For a complete list of all of 2020’s award-winning entries, click here.


AMVBBDO United Kingdom earned 2020 AME Best of Show (Grand Award) and the AME Regional Platinum – Europe for “Viva La Vulva” for client Libresse. The campaign broke conventions about intimate products and changed how women thought about these products and themselves. With £0 media support, the film had over 5 million organic views, gained 96% positive comments on social media and just 5 weeks after the launch Libresse gained market share reaching 33%. “Viva La Vulva” earned a second AME Award.

AMVBBDO’s “Guinness Clear. Why Guinness dared to tell everyone to drink water.” received 2 Gold AME Awards. The campaign, created for the brand’s multi-million-pound sponsorship of The Six Nations international rugby tournament, succeeded in taking the pressure off drinking while paying dividends back to the brand. Guinness become the #1 beer brand associated with responsible drinking and provided the highest profit ROI of any Guinness rugby campaign in GB (8.2) and Ireland (21.25) and surpassing the targeted 5-7% to volume uplift across GB and Ireland.

“There can be no greater accolade in advertising marketing effectiveness than the Advertising Marketing Effectiveness awards. And, quite literally, no greater accolade at the Advertising Marketing Effectiveness awards than Best In Show. We could not be any more proud than we are now of the work for Libresse and Guinness that has achieved this. It’s brave work, that works. Which matters now more than ever.” - Bridget Angear & Craig Mawdsley, joint chief strategy officers, AMVBBDO

Serviceplan Group Germany earned the AME Gold Award for “Lifeboat - The Experiment” for client Sea-Watch. To regain awareness and media coverage for the crisis and rescue organisation Sea-watch, journalists from Germany’s biggest newspaper were invited to participate in a simulation to create empathy about the refugee experience. Results - pickup by all major German news-channels and international press from China to Canada and +1100 articles were published reaching half a billion people, tripling website traffic and increasing brand interaction by 310% all without spending a single euro in media.

Asia Pacific

Overman South Korea was honoured with the AME Regional Platinum Award - Asia Pacific for “100 Words Pain_ting” for Save the Children. The campaign fought verbal abuse and increased Save the Children’s presence as a children's rights NGO by featuring paintings created by children that illustrated hurtful words in an online exhibition and 31 offline exhibitions in 15 cities. The experiential campaign inspired change and garnered 45 million earned media impressions, a 1.55 million exhibition audience. A 5933% surge in site traffic saw the brand top of mind jump from 4th to 2nd raising the brand more than 200%. “100 Words Pain_ting” earned 3 additional AME Gold Awards and 4 AME Silver Awards.

"Overman is over the moon and very honoured to receive such prestigious AME awards for the 100 Word Pain_ting project. The project was not only wonderful to work on, but also gave back so much to the society. Thank you to the judges at AME for bestowing this award on Overman and inspiring our company in continuing the journey of greatness."- Seung Eun Jang, CEO/chief creative director, Overman South Korea

VMLY&R Sydney’s “McPickle: our most successful social moment, without spending a cent” for McDonald's earned the AME Gold Award. A single video of the “McPickle” was posted on Facebook and Instagram with zero media spend, showcasing an absurd number of pickles and stipulating that it was “available until yesterday. The April Fool’s prank resulted in over 500 million impressions equivalent to more than $12m of PR value and $4m in advertising.

McCann Health China was honoured with the AME Gold Award for Breath of Life for client SmithGlaxoKline. COPD is one of the main causes of death in China, out of 100 million sufferers less than 15% get properly diagnosed. Collaborating with a Pulmonologist and a popular Chinese blowing-ink artist a patented COPD self-test awareness tool was created that was downloadable via WeChat. Registering 70% on the awareness tools alerts users to undergo a check-up. In the one-month pilot, 10,000 people used the mini program.

Middle East & Africa

FP7 McCann MENAT’s “Blood Unity” earned the AME Regional Platinum Award – Middle East & Africa for client Donner Sang Compter (DSC), the Lebanese NGO that promotes voluntary blood donation. On the Day of Ashura, DSC got Imams to talk about an alternative to commemorate the occasion and encourage more people to become donors, innovating a thousand-year-old ritual of bloodletting into one of blood-giving. Results - Blood donations in Lebanon hit a national record with 655 blood units collected; 400% more than what is expected. Donated blood units saved 1,965 lives. The new ritual for Ashura received an endorsement from religious and spiritual Shia Imams and set the foundation for the first National Blood Bank.

“Work that works in solving problems and delivering on objectives, gives our industry a purpose and a reason for being. As an agency, we have focused on creative effectiveness as a key pillar. So, it’s really exciting and we are very grateful to the organisers and jurors for awarding our work with top honours at the AME Awards. And very pleased for us to continue to earn the MENA region its much-deserved recognition.” Tahaab Rais, regional head of Strategy & Truth Central, FP7 McCann MENAT.

FP7 McCann also earned AME Gold Awards for “The Ramadan campaign that didn't launch in Ramadan” for client Jawwy and “The Astronomical Sale” for Mastercard.

To view all of 2020’s award-winning entries, click here.

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