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    Ghana's new rental scheme won't fix the real problem: a housing shortage

    Ghana's government has announced a loan scheme to help tenants pay the hefty advance rent...

    By Nicky Morrison, Emmanuel Kofi Gavu, Lewis Abedi Asante, and Richmond Juvenile Ehwi 5 May 2021

    Why Ghana doesn't get the full value of its cocoa beans - and how this could change

    The importance of raw cocoa beans to Ghana's foreign exchange earnings is derailing the development of a viable chocolate industry...

    By Sophie Van Huellen 3 May 2021

    Ghana's Covid-19 vaccine rollout is struggling to keep up with its great start

    Ghana became the first country globally to receive a vaccine shipment from the Covax facility...

    By Godfred Boafo 29 Apr 2021

    Scabies: the neglected tropical disease no one wants to talk about

    Some diseases are more likely to enter public conversation than others. Covid-19 has dominated the public discourse in 2020...

    By Michael Head 22 Apr 2021

    Perkins+Will transforms 1920s Greater Accra Regional Hospital into modern facility

    Designed by international firm Perkins+Will, the Greater Accra Regional Hospital is the result of the transformation of a small, simple hospital dating from the 1920s into a modern, expandable facility...

    9 Apr 2021

    Jumia Ghana launches food festival to support local restaurants

    Africa's e-commerce platform Jumia has announced the launch of its Food Festival Campaign. The campaign, which will run until 11 April 2021, is organised in partnership with local restaurants and supermarkets, as well as blue-chip international restaurant chains such as KFC, Pizza Inn and Burger King...

    1 Apr 2021

    Ghana's Bui Dam raises concerns - again - about hydro power projects

    In the early years of African independence, hydroelectricity offered the promise of modernity and development...

    By Roger Gocking 24 Mar 2021

    Ghana's unstable building problem is about more than lax regulation

    Collapsed buildings are worryingly common in several large African cities. One study counted 54 building collapse deaths...

    By Festival Godwin Boateng 25 Jan 2021

    Ghana's Ezekiel Chibeze wins top award honouring grassroots environmental activists

    Ghanaian environmental activist Ezekiel Chibeze has been awarded the 2020 Goldman Environmental Prize...

    3 Dec 2020

    Can roots tourism build social justice? A case study of travellers to Ghana provides insights

    It is a good time to ask how the travel and tourism industry has contributed to racism and how that can change...

    By Alana Dillette 2 Dec 2020

    Children are going hungry, and their futures are on the line. Evidence from Ghana

    African countries need multi-sectoral approaches to tackle food insecurity...

    16 Nov 2020

    Ghana has a housing crisis: what we found in Kumasi, and what needs to change

    Housing is one of the most basic human needs and can have a profound impact on the happiness, lifestyle, self-esteem, and productivity of an individual...

    By Lewis Abedi Asante and Richmond Juvenile Ehwi 3 Nov 2020

    A good museum experience pays off for the tourism sector in Ghana

    The 2019 Year of Return, when Ghana welcomed Africans in the diaspora to participate in events associated with the country's rich cultural heritage, was an opportunity to learn more about what tourists want...

    By Alexander Diani Kofi Preko 28 Sep 2020

    Volkswagen, BlackIvy enter collaboration for green growth in Ghana

    Volkswagen Ghana and BlackIvy Ghana are working together towards sustainable mobility, green growth and more affordable cars and homes in Ghana...

    22 Sep 2020

    Urban planning needs to look back first: three cities in Ghana show why

    Months into the global Covid-19 pandemic, policymakers have begun discussing what the "new normal" might look like in metropolitan environments...

    By Nate Plageman, Jennifer Anne Hart, Tony Yeboah 16 Sep 2020

    Paragon Architects highlights its Pullman Accra Airport City project in Ghana

    The 40,000m2 Pullman Accra Airport City Hotel & Serviced Apartments in Ghana is Paragon Architects' largest design project to date and is currently under construction in Accra...

    21 Aug 2020

    Vegetable farmers in urban Ghana don't worry much about food safety - but they should

    The United Nations projects that by 2050, 70% of the world's population will live in urban areas. Ensuring sustainable food supply in a rapidly growing city becomes a matter of concern...

    By Kabila Abass 12 Aug 2020

    Ghanaian industrial training project builds skills for future economy - report

    A six-year project to develop industrial skills among Ghana's workforce has improved the engineering and manufacturing skills of young people, promoted economic competitiveness and contributed to an improvement in the quality of life of beneficiaries and a reduction in poverty, according to an African Development Bank report issued on 15 July 2020...

    22 Jul 2020

    Ghana has tried to be responsible with its oil wealth. This is how

    After Ghana discovered oil and gas in 2007, the government and civil society aspired to avoid the "resource curse". This is when countries have an abundance of non-renewable natural resources but no economic growth...

    By Emmanuel Graham, Ismael Ackah, Nathan Andrews & Ransford Edward 29 May 2020

    Old Mutual creates impact in Ghana with huge building wrap in Accra

    Financial services giant Old Mutual is driving awareness of its brand in Ghana with a massive building wrap on a strategic Global Out of Home Media site in the heart of the capital city of Accra...

    Issued by Provantage Media Group 25 May 2020

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