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    New malaria vaccine proves highly effective - and Covid shows how quickly it could be deployed

    Coronavirus vaccines have been developed and deployed in record time, but as global rollout has progressed, too few doses have been made available in low-income countries...

    By Adrian Hill 26 Apr 2021

    A new global health pattern: longer life for the poor, with more ailments

    With ageing come many benefits, including freedom, wisdom, perspective, and - in many cultures - respect. Unfortunately, the downside is that ageing also brings medical ailments...

    By Justine Ina Davies & Maria Odland 25 May 2020

    Burkina Faso makes private TV pay

    Private televisions will have to pay 75 million CFA per year to air their programmes on the DTT platform in Burkina Faso...

    30 Sep 2019

    Burkina Faso parliament criminalises false news, reporting on terrorism

    Burkina Faso's parliament adopted revisions to the country's penal code which criminalise using any means of communication to disseminate information about terrorist attacks ...

    4 Jul 2019

    #WorldMalariaDay: What we're doing in Burkina-Faso to help stop it

    Malaria has been a terrible disease throughout human history. Deaths actually peaked over five million in the 1930s and it spread all over the world...

    By Elena Gómez Díaz 25 Apr 2019

    Showcasing African films on the continent for 50 years

    Africa's top film festival celebrates 50 years: what's to celebrate, and learn...

    By Pier Paolo Frassinelli 19 Mar 2019

    FESPACO prize for film that tells a positive story of Africa

    Jean-Pierre Bekolo's 'Miraculous Weapons' scoops Ecobank Foundation Prize at FESPACO...

    6 Mar 2019

    African film festival receives prize sponsorship from Ecobank

    The Ecobank Foundation has lent its support to the African Film Industry through its sponsorship of a FESPACO prize...

    25 Feb 2019

    400 West African journalists trained on migration reporting

    Learning how to report on migration issues in the media with due regard to human rights and the dignity of migrants, is a fundamental step in informing public opinion...

    11 Feb 2019

    Tributes paid to Burkina Faso filmmaker Idrissa Ouedraogo

    Burkina Faso filmmaker Idrissa Ouedraogo passed away over the weekend. He was hailed as a "towering figure of African cinema"...

    27 Feb 2018

    Release of sterile mosquitoes a "publicity stunt"

    Although the long-term underlying intention is reduce malaria in Africa, the release of genetically modified (GM) "male-sterile" mosquitoes in Burkina Faso this year by the Target Malaria research consortium has no real benefit...

    14 Feb 2018

    Orange launches into Burkina Faso

    Orange will pursue its development in mobile financial services and 3.75G mobile internet, strengthening its position in West Africa...

    23 Mar 2017

    Web TV aims to boost youth interest in African farming

    Agribusiness TV is an internet television station which aims to inspire youth interest in farming in Burkina Faso and further afield in Africa...

    8 Sep 2016

    Orange buys Airtel in Burkina Faso

    Orange has bought Airtel, the 2nd largest mobile operator in Burkina Faso, with close to 4.6 million customers...

    23 Jun 2016

    Top African producer bans GM cotton

    Burkina Faso, Africa's top cotton producer and the sole West African nation to venture into biotech farming, is dropping GM cotton on quality grounds...

    26 Apr 2016

    Burkina Faso bank chief arrested for embezzlement

    OUAGADOUGOU: The head of one of Burkina Faso's largest banks has been arrested on suspicion of having embezzled billions CFA francs, a source close to the investigation said.

    11 May 2015

    SkyVision to provide BOA Burkina Faso with a full communication solution

    SkyVision Global Networks has won the national bid to provide Bank of Africa (BOA) Burkina Faso with a full communication solution through the SkyVision VPN service, connecting BOA headquarters...

    4 Aug 2014

    Burkina Faso phone operators fined USD5.4m

    OUAGADOUGOU: Burkina Faso has slapped three telecoms operators with more than five million dollars in penalties for subpar service, a regulatory official announced at a press conference Friday, 10 February 2012.

    13 Feb 2012

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