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BBM Messenger's Adam Pattison on chat, dark social and the new mobile economy

On his visit to South Africa for the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) Forum in Johannesburg on 2 November and Mobile Monday in Cape Town on 6 November, Adam Pattison, vice president, Americas & EMEA at BBM Messenger, shared insights into chat or dark social and how this is shaping the mobile economy...

By Jessica Tennant 20 Nov 2017


Why social media sentiment matters, according to UK mobile study

Three UK has topped a sentiment analysis of UK mobile networks conducted by opinion mining company BrandsEye...

12 Oct 2017


App advertising to exceed $44bn by 2020

Latest data from Juniper Research indicates that app advertising, using context and location targeting, could rise from an estimated $13bn last year to over $44bn by 2020...

17 Mar 2016


Research indicates the EU legislation will affect operator-billed mobile roaming revenues

A new study from UK-based Juniper Research indicates that operator-billed mobile roaming revenues are expected to experience a marked decline in 2017, as new EU regulations come into force...

15 Dec 2015


Microfinance providers, mobile carriers drive financial inclusion for the unbanked

Mobile microfinance is liberating many of the world's poor, as service providers successfully facilitate financial inclusion...

26 Nov 2015


UK tabloid ex-deputy cleared over phone-hacking

LONDON, UK: The former deputy editor of Britain's News of the World tabloid, which media tycoon Rupert Murdoch closed down four years ago over phone-hacking, was on Wednesday cleared of involvement in the practice...

2 Jul 2015


Wi-Fi to carry up to 60% of mobile data traffic by 2019

UNITED KINGDOM: Juniper Research has released a report that indicates that Wi-Fi networks will carry almost 60% of smartphone and tablet data traffic by 2019...

18 Jun 2015


Majority of mobile data traffic to offload to Wi-Fi networks by 2019

According to Juniper Research, UK, the forecast is that mobile data traffic, generated by smartphones, feature phones and tablets, will approach almost 197,000 PB (Petabytes) by 2019...

20 May 2015


The future of mobile exam preparation, Q&A with George Burgess

Inspired by the global mindset of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs while at Stanford, Burgess explains what Gojimo means for the industry, and why SA...

By Jessica Taylor 2 Apr 2015


MEF identifies 10 key mobile trends for 2015

LONDON, UK: MEF, the global community for mobile content and commerce, looks at the year ahead to predict the ten key mobile trends that will shape the global mobile landscape in 2015...

8 Jan 2015


UK mobile operator EE says in talks with BT

LONDON, UK: EE confirmed Wednesday that it has held "exploratory" discussions over a possible sale of its mobile business to BT Group...

27 Nov 2014


Data-only Apple SIM gets a voice with Roamer

LONDON: Apple customers can make and receive phone calls with their regular phone numbers, whilst using new data-only Apple SIM, with the new Roamer app.

23 Oct 2014


UK internet trolls may be jailed for two years

LONDON, UK: People found guilty of internet "trolling" in Britain could be jailed for up to two years under government proposals, following a number of high-profile cases of abusive and threatening behaviour on Twitter.

20 Oct 2014


Twitter abuse: man jailed for 18 weeks

LONDON, UK: A British man was jailed for 18 weeks after his campaign of rape threats and other abuse on Twitter against a female lawmaker.

30 Sep 2014

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