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6 steps to creating patient trust in telehealth

With Covid-19, came a flood of new telehealth (virtual consulting) healthcare solutions, exposing more patients to its benefits and features...

By Neil Kinsley 28 Aug 2020

Three strategies to streamline healthcare in SA

Most people have heard stories about inefficiencies, unexpected costs or redundant re-testing while visiting medical facilities across the globe...

By Kumar Utpal 13 Aug 2020

Diabetes telemedicine gets booster shot from joint investment

AlphaCode, the fintech investment arm of Rand Merchant Investment Holdings (RMI), and the local investment fund of Endeavor, a global entrepreneur network, have recently concluded a joint investment in Guidepost, a South African healthcare technology business specialising in telemedicine for diabetics...

5 Aug 2020

WHO surge team expected in SA

The first team of experts from the World Health Organisation, who will assist South Africa in its fight against coronavirus, is set to arrive in the country today...

5 Aug 2020

Effective healthcare in SA faces new set of obstacles

Recent legal actions against practising medical professionals may deter new entrants and cause experienced practitioners to retire, which has dire consequences for effective healthcare delivery in SA...

By Merlita Kennedy, Victoria Campos and Jared Ishmael 3 Aug 2020

Medical malpractice and culpable homicide - the cost of a mistake

There is overwhelming pride and joy in graduating with a medical degree. There are also many challenges for an aspiring doctor, and one of which is understanding the legal implications of professional negligence...

By Samantha Varela 31 Jul 2020

Medical practices struggle to recover from lockdown

Hundreds of medical practices are on the verge of collapse because of a fall in the number of visits due to the Covid-19 pandemic...

By Coenie Smith 30 Jul 2020

Covid-19: Key trends impacting primary healthcare

The national lockdown to curb the spread of Covid-19 took everyone by surprise. After the government declared a State of Disaster in mid-March, most businesses had only a few days to either implement Covid-19 protocols or close their doors for an unknown period of time...

Issued by SA Shares 20 Jul 2020

Worrying trend as check ups drop off during pandemic

The poll conducted among 40 general practitioners comparing the number of consultations in May to previous years shows a worrying trend that could be putting thousands of lives at risk...

11 Jun 2020

2020 healthcare marketing trends to boost your ROI

Cingulate Marketing & Advertising provides insights into 2020's key healthcare marketing trends and how you can use them to your brand's advantage...

Issued by Cingulate 31 Mar 2020

Doctors say they need help with paperwork

A recent survey of 838 South African doctors found an overwhelming majority felt they needed guidance and training on record keeping...

26 Feb 2020

What you need to know about sick notes

The validity of sick notes has come under the spotlight this week, but it is not a new issue, rather one which employers have been grappling with for a long time...

By Myrna Sachs 6 Feb 2020

Joint hearing into Life Esidimeni to be conducted

Justice and Correctional Services Minister Ronald Lamola has agreed to the National Prosecuting Authority's request that a joint hearing be conducted into the Life Esidimeni deaths...

6 Feb 2020

5 practices to improve doctor-patient relationships

In recent surveys, clinicians have reported that the current climate of medicine - with limits on the amount of time they can spend with patients during appointments, an explosion of biomedical knowledge and increased demands to update and review electronic health records - translates into less time for meaningful interactions with patients...

By Patricia Hannon 24 Jan 2020

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