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Unfair import competition and sugar tax likely to lead to job losses

The South African sugar industry has come under increased pressure from import competition and the effects of the Health Promotion Levy implemented in April 2018...

By Gilberto Biacuana 8 hours ago

Ethiopian coffee showcased at global expo in Pu'er City

A delegation from the Ethiopian Embassy in Beijing participated in the 2nd China International Specialty Coffee Expo from 12 to 17 March in Pu'er City, which is considered the 'coffee capital' of China...

9 hours ago

#CitrusSummit: Fruitful opportunities in technology

At the recent Citrus Growers Association's conference in Port Elizabeth, the Citrus Academy's general manager, Jacomien De Klerk said the rapid advancement of technology and its potential to efficiently connect the planet and people is both thrilling and daunting...

By Carin Venter 1 day ago

Tanzanian farmers don't vaccinate against foot and mouth disease. Here's why

Foot-and-mouth-disease is one of the world's most contagious and economically damaging diseases. Infected animals develop lesions on the feet, mouth, and/or mammary glands which cause lameness, loss of appetite and decreased milk yields.

By Ashley Railey 22 Mar 2019

No-deal Brexit and its impact on South African poultry

Britain's tortuous progress towards leaving the European Union presents an opportunity for South African poultry producers as post-Brexit trade deals are negotiated...

22 Mar 2019

How load shedding compromises the survival of agricultural animals

The National Council of SPCAs have shared its concerns for the animals that depend on electricity for survival during Eskom's scheduled load shedding...

20 Mar 2019

#Gulfood2019: SA beef export market reopens to the Middle East

Unlocking exporting opportunities, especially within the agricultural sector, could be a major contributor to the South African economy...

18 Mar 2019

AGT Foods to sponsor Greenpop tree planting festivals

AGT Foods Retail & Food Ingredients has teamed up with Greenpop as sponsor for its tree planting festivals taking place in Africa...

15 Mar 2019

Status report: FMD outbreak

Since the last positive case was reported on 4 February, five weeks ago, there have been no new clinical cases of FMD or serologically positive test results in the epidemiological groups surveyed...

15 Mar 2019

Deforestation management needed to sustain global soybean industry

International investors representing $6.3tn in assets under management have backed a call for agribusinesses to disclose and eliminate the risk of deforestation within the soybean supply chain...

14 Mar 2019

Rooibos exports to Japan hit record high in 2018

More than 2,000 tonnes of rooibos was shipped to Japan in 2018 - the largest consignment since the South African indigenous tea was first introduced to the Japanese in the '80s...

13 Mar 2019

Govt support for poultry industry must translate into policy and action - FairPlay

Last week's statement of government support for the South African poultry industry does not end the industry crisis caused by dumped imports. But it could mark the start of a new era of co-operation...

12 Mar 2019

Citizen science helps farmers adapt to climate change

The selection of seed varieties adapted to a particular climate could be refined if farmers themselves assess their performance, using their plots as small, experimental laboratories...

By Cecilia Rosen 12 Mar 2019

Dedicated cannabis expo set for Cape Town in April

The Cannabis Expo, a trade and consumer exhibition dedicated to the cannabis industry, is set be held at Sun Exhibits at GrandWest in Cape Town from 4 to 7 April...

11 Mar 2019

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