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3 ways the Budget Speech impacts healthcare in SA

From a healthcare perspective, this year's Budget Speech is significant in three key ways...

By Ahmed Banderker 18 hours ago

How will new tax and labour legislation affect your business?

2020 will likely forever be remembered for its major challenges, including many personal losses caused by Covid-19. In the wake of a year of lockdowns, job losses, and more, both businesses and staff are looking to the annual Budget Speech happening on 24 February with a mixture of hope and dread...

3 days ago

What new tax rules mean for provident funds

Administrators of retirement funds are in for a busy time. This is because the new tax rules regarding the annuitisation of provident funds are coming into effect...

By Deirdre Phillips, Mogola Makola and Aneria Bouwer 17 Feb 2021

The future of Section 12J and the Sunset Clause by Grovest

Section 12J not only offers attractive returns to investors, but is structured to make a positive and significant impact on the economy by providing capital to both SME's and job creation...

Issued by Grovest 11 Feb 2021

#Budget2021: Easy wins and pitfalls

In the 2020 budget tax proposals, it was stated that "substantial tax increases are unlikely to be effective... New tax increases at this time could harm the economy's ability to recover"...

By Patricia Williams 10 Feb 2021

FSCA warns against investing in crypto assets

The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) has again warned of a number of high risks associated with investing in crypto assets, in the wake of the recent Mirror Trading International Proprietary Limited debacle...

By Natalie Scott & Kyra South 8 Feb 2021

Loop structure prohibitions abolished: Attracting inward investment in SA

The South African Reserve Bank (Sarb) recently published a circular setting out changes to the rules around loop structures in South Africa...

By Judy Snyman 3 Feb 2021

Sars extends provisional tax filing deadline

The South African Revenue Service (Sars) has extended the filing season deadline for provisional taxpayers from 29 January to 15 February, due to the challenges of Covid-19...

29 Jan 2021

Airtime vouchers - VAT now or later?

The correct VAT treatment of vouchers for digital services has been a grey area for many years. Towards the end of 2020, mobile network provider MTN applied for a declaratory order to obtain clarity in this regard...

By Aneria Bouwer and Sduduzo Mhlongo 27 Jan 2021

Taxpayers retain the right to privacy - ConCourt

The Tax Administration Act requires Sars officials to preserve the secrecy of taxpayer information. In the Public Protector v CSARS, the Constitutional Court had to decide whether the Public Protector's subpoena powers trumped those of Sars obligations to keep taxpayers' information secret...

By Graeme Palmer 25 Jan 2021

Revisions to Crisa align with growing interest in ESG investment

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) integration in the corporate decision-making process is gathering momentum around the world...

By Giles White, Elodie Maume, Madelein Burger, Zelda Swanepoel & Kent Davis 21 Jan 2021

KYC compliance catches up with crypto

Know your customer (KYC) procedures are still a work-in-progress in the cryptocurrency industry. But businesses in this space, though still largely unregulated, need to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) legislation or risk facing punitive measures.

By James George 20 Jan 2021

High Court judgment limits diesel refund claims for mining activities

The recent High Court judgment Graspan Colliery v The Commissioner for the South African Revenue Services [2020] could have significant implications for mining operators and their ability to claim diesel refunds...

By Prenisha Govender 18 Jan 2021

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